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Act1 Scene 3

No description

Andrew Crag

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of Act1 Scene 3

Act 1 Scene 3 Characters
Brutus-Scott Prologue
Setting: A flooded street in Louisiana Thundering and flooding in Louisiana at a Popeye’s, Marcus, Jim, Jeremiah, and Brian are fed up with how Richard has been treating them and the customers there, so they come up with a plan on how to make Richard get fired so Marcus sends Brian to go bribe Scott, the employee of the month, in on the plan so they can put Scott as the new manager of Popeye’s. Script
Jeremiah- What up Jim, Did Richard make you close again?, and why do you look so afraid it s just a little flood
Jim-Aren't you worried? It seems really bad. I've seen many disasters but not one that looks this serious.
Jeremiah- Is Richard going to work tomorrow?
Jim-He is suppose to. He told Scott that he would be there
Jeremiah- Good.
(Exit Jeremiah, Enter Marcus)
Marcus- Who's there?
Jim- Just a cashier.
Marcus-Oh its just you Brian.
Jim- Wow I can't believe you can hear that well in the storm
Marcus- Its not that bad I love the sound of thunder and the feeling of the rain hitting me.
Jim- Why would you do that you could get sick?
Marcus- Your stupid, a little rain never hurt anyone. The only thing that makes me sick is our new manager.
Jim- You mean Richard
Marcus- Yes, I'm writin.g my two week notice incased we cant get rid of Richard
Jim- I will too.
Marcus- He is horrible making us stay late and do his work.
Jim-Lets agree to take him out.
Marcus-Thats a deal, and I already have other staff members ready to help.
Jim- Hey is that Brian.
Marcus- Yea. Brian what are you doing out here.
Brian-Trying to find you.
Marcus- Are the other staff members ready to get Richar fired.
Brian- Yea, but only if we could get Scott then we could end it so much quicker.
Marcus- Don't worry about Scott I'll be able to convince him.
Brian- Ok meet us at my house.
Marcus- We will right after Jim and I get Scott. Epilogue Marcus and Jim went and convinced Scott to help them take down their evil boss. They tricked the boss and gave him alcohol in his coffee, and told his supervisor he was drinking on the job. They were succesfull in their attempts, but the tragic part is later they were caught with the alcohol in their lockers. So Jeremiah, Jim, Marcus, Brian, and Scott were all fired. Marcus' Two weeks notice
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