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FOX19 Investigates: #ResidencyGate

No description

FOX 19

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of FOX19 Investigates: #ResidencyGate

FOX19 Investigates: #ResidencyGate
This is Tony Parrot, Director of the Metropolitan Sewer District
Parrott, who makes $180,000+ a year, listed his address on official city documents as a home on Westwood Avenue.
Parrott actually lives in Butler County.
City leader Kenneth Glenn makes $119,000. The address the city provided for Glenn was in the 4500 block of Whetsel, but when we showed up there, this happened.
City leaders thought that the ones calling the shots effecting Cincinnati residents should live in the city - have their own skin in the game. But several directors didn't follow that rule, living outside the city while earning six figure salaries paid for by Cincinnati taxpayers.
But these department directors don't.
Council Implemented the policy... So what did they think of the directors not following city rules?
"It's not just a small issue if we have directors that are indicating their residency is in different locations and that doesn't match up with the board of elections."

-Council Member Chris Smitherman
The city of Cincinnati requires directors to live inside the city...
But we discovered that address was a vacant lot.
Cover up?
After we visited the phony residences, the city’s communication officer told FOX19 she was finalizing a letter to us that proves “residency requirements were overturned on appeal in the courts”

But we never received that letter…
City officials admitted there was a residency requirement and provided a list of the directors' REAL addresses.
Council requested the city manager conduct an internal investigation into the residency cover-ups.
Tony Parrott:

-Docked 40 hours of vacation time. (Equal to $3,500)

-Has 180 days to move into the city
Kenneth Glenn announced his retirement.
-Now, only 8 of the more than a dozen directors are required to live within the city.

-If council wants all directors to live within the city (as they originally intended) it will require a vote of three fourths council members.

The City Manager also completely redefined residency requirements.
Then the story changed.
Five weeks after we first exposed the dishonest directors, interim City Manager Scott Stiles released a memo condemning the actions of Parrot and Glenn.
More on #ResidencyGate at FOX19.com/Investigates

By Kara Foxx, Digital Content Producer
Copyright 2014 WXIX. All rights reserved.
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(Video - hover mouse over to play)
Both reside in Butler County
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