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Twitter for Educators

Links to resources from this presentation can be found at http://learn.caitlincahill.com/.

Caitlin Cahill

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Twitter for Educators

Other Educators
Professionals in careers related to your subject matter
News Outlets
Companies & Organizations
People who follow you*
Friends & Family
ANYONE you find interesting
*This does not include spammers, boring people, or anyone else you'd prefer not to follow.
Who to follow
With enough of them, you could take over the Twitterverse.
What is Twitter?
A microblogging service that allows users to post ("tweet") content limited to 140 characters in length.
Getting Started
By @CCahillMN
Icon by IconTexto
What to Tweet
How to Twitter
To tweet or not to tweet...that's a silly question.
Tools of the Trade
Twitter for Educators
How to Find Them
Culling the Flock
Hash Tags, Trending Topics, and Search - Oh My!
On Facebook, I follow people I know. On Twitter, I follow people I like.
Video by HowCast.com
Links (shortened, not stirred)
Self-promotion (in small doses)
Designate a fellow twitter user with an @.
Begin tweets with username(s) to direct at certain people.
Mention other people within a tweet.
Usernames link to that user's profile.
Retweet (RT)
Reposting someone else's tweet and giving them credit

Old School
Add RT to the beginning of the tweet, add commentary (may have to modify original to do so).
New School
Tweet is reposted in original form with orginal twit's username/avatar, but shows which of your follower's retweeted it.
Direct Message (d)
Private tweet sent directly to one user.
Begin a tweet with d or use Direct Message function to send one.
Direct Messages can only be sent between mutal followers.
Google Gadget (iGoogle/Gmail)
TwitterBar/InstantTweets/HelloTXT Bar (Add-ons)
Tweetdeck* (Adobe AIR)
Seesmic (Adboe AIR)
Tweetie* (Mac)
Thwirl (Windows)
Text Messaging
Twitter Mobile Site
Echofon - iPhone*
Hootsuite - iPhone/Android
Tweetdeck -iPhone/Android
TwitterBerry - Blackberry
TinyTwitter - Balckberry/Nokia
URL Shorteners
Links take up a lot of real estate (some are longer than 140 characters!) => shorten them before posting.

Twitter now has built-in URL shortener

bit.ly provides addition features like analytics, lists, and custom URLS.
Your email contacts
Find contacts who are also on Twitter
Twitter Lists
See who your favorites are following.
Browse users by topic or search for specific topics
Check your favorite websites for embedded tweets or twitter usernames
Twitter's User Search
When all else fails (seriously, should be last resort), try twitter.
Media Sharing
Upload and get short url for picture/video.
Many apps integrate picture sharing
Share files
Tweet Schedulers
Survey/Poll Tweets
Group Tweets
Greasemonkey Scripts
Et al.
Be Real
Stay Active
Don't Spam
Don't Take it Personally
Provide Something of Value
hakuna matata
Keywords designated by #
#edtech - educational technology
Follow events by hashtag, e.g. #ties09
Using searches and following hashtags enable you to find valuable information from outside your network...and possibly find new people to follow.
Trending Topics
Current popular topics on Twitter
Twitter sidebar or websites like TweetMeme, Twitt(url)y
Twitter - sidebar or search.twitter.com
Google - integrated in latest results; greasemonkey script
Real-time Twitter Searches
Sort followers into groups; public or private
Don't miss tweets from favorites
Help others find people to follow
Have updates of select followers sent to phone
Use 3rd party app to get notifications based on lists
Twitter Karma
See which followers/followees are mutual...or not
No pic, default background, NO TWEETS
High following to follower ratio
Internet Gurus, SEO specialists, "experts"
THOSE pictures
Not that it's a popularity contest...
...but quantity does matter
Without followers, tweeting is like asking a question to an empty room.
Follow Back?
Followings do not have to be mutual
BUT, followers found something interesting in you; probably have common interest.
You can always unfollow...or refollow
Beware the Mystery Meat & Artificial Intelligence
Growing Your Entourage
Be interesting.
Post tweets with value.
Add yourself to directories.
Embed your tweets on your site.
Connect Twitter with other services
Post a picture
Have a bio
Don't automate everything (especially DMs, follows, cross-posting)
Should be more than just blog feed
Don't be afraid to reply to people
Ask questions of people you've never met
Give it a chance.
Only useful if you use it!
Don't be narcissistic
No worries! Remember to have fun.
Twitter for Educators by Caitlin Cahill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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