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Bailey Senior Presentation

It is my time to reflect and share.

Jon Wiita

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Bailey Senior Presentation

Who Am I? Jon Wiita What do I value? What is my worldview? How do I learn? How do these connect? life long learner problem solver helper of others Service Trips
Community Involvement Chair
The Hub
IVAC - Belize Remodel
Thinkbailey to BaileyConnect
Supply Chain Mgmt

President of SAES
ISS - Japan
5th year senior
Leadershape Study Abroad ISS Japan MSU Friends EGR 300 ISS 315 Family Commitment Trust Freedom Achievement Challenge Creativity Responsibility doing failing from others with my hands ask for forgiveness not permission ANR 210 Leadership the hub thinkbailey jobs & internships econ 201 Glenn Brett Meredith Kip Plew Dad Alexa Dave jeff annie kristina nate ross tom mom bailey scholars Caterpillar leadership definition
likeminded people
record Opportunity
Diversity Large company
How it really works

What I don't want to do
EU workforce
International education All over the place
Best way to learn
What I don't know
Who I am
Who else is out there
Network Development Globalization
The future
How things connect
What I am really interested in
Knowledge pathways Research
Do something big
Industry and Agriculture
Environment and Sustainability
Start the conversation ANR 210 ANR 310 ANR 410 ME 200 CAT Internship IVAC Study Abroad Website SAES EAD 315 EGR 300 Leadershape Volunteering I Joined Bailey Future Career Hello my name is Jon Wiita Driven by hard work, commitment, leadership, forward thinking and thinking outside the box, my interest in lifelong learning is guided by my development in problem solving, helping others and simplifying and connected complex systems through technology. Specifically technological infrastructure, web applications, and virtual communities. I seek to explore and find connections in different cultures both globally and locally in an effort to tie together my learning journey. I will find learning opportunities thru traditional classroom application, industry practice and shadow, leadership development and study, failing forward, and taking advantage of any and every opportunity available.
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