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ITune in

No description

Gracie Russell

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of ITune in

Gracie Russell

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Proposal: The school vending machines no longer supply the delectable goodies that used to be available to all students but now all that is in them are "healthy" foods. This has sent high school students into an uproar. Therefor I prupose purchasing the former products that were in the vending machines and selling them for the same marketed price, which would result in me pocketing the same amount of income the company was force to give up under the health code jurisdiction.
Organization: The company would be composed of a sole proprietorship, which would include myself and those who would like to consume the goods.
Market Structure: The market structure would be very simple, it is a sole proprietorship so the only person that would be involved is myself.
Factors of Production: In order to produce my product, all that would be required is to purchase it in bulk supply from various stores. If I created a sustanable arrangment in my locker and only preformed the acts of sales after school there would be very little friction met from the arrangments of the school due to it not being held during school hour.

"Snack Shack"
1. yes 11.yes
2. yes 12.yes
3. yes 13.yes
4. yes 14.yes
5. yes 15.yes
6. yes 16.yes
7. yes 17.yes
8. yes 18.yes
9. yes 19.yes
10.yes 20.yes

Survey Part 1:
Organization, Market Structure, and Factors of production
In order for me to illustrate the way income would work with this idea it would have to be shown by an example.
EX. Sam's club sells its boxes of poptarts for $6.87 which includes 18 packages of poptarts. The vending machines at school sold their poptarts for $1 each, if I did the same thing and students purchased them I would have a net income of $11.13 which would double the amount of revenue gained when compared to the expense.
I would trust people would be willing to buy my goods due to the fact that the business itself has already been proven as a successful, otherwise there would be no complaints in the first place.
The only competing products that would be worked against my business is that of the vending machines that are still working in the school and the local store in town where people could purchase the items. The downside on thier participation in purchasing things from the local stores is that the next town over sells its items for a cheaper price, and the students who go into town would only be satisfying a monopoly.
My product would be better in the sense that this is what people have openly remarked on wanting to have back into the school.
Competing Products
Outcome of students asked if they would be willing to pay for the items that were formerly sold in the vending machines, through another student selling them for the same price.
Results from survey:
reaction over product
Many students were really excited by the idea of not being dependant on a vending machine and being able to purchase merchandise from an individual. Several people stated that they would much rather fund a student than a company and that no matter how they got the product they would be satisfied.
As established previously, the price would not be considered to high if students were previously willing to pay the in the same price range.
Better because...
The establishment of this business would be better because people would be able to not only get the products that are no longer available to them, but they could send in requests for items that had never been supplied. In correlation to many of the students responses, they would also find it better to be funding a student rather than an unknown company.
IT would work!
From my survey I have found that all students would be willing to particite in my business endevour. There were many who asked if I was actually going to start it up because they were really interested and wanted to be supplied with their former goods. It really would be an excellent source of income, the only dilema would be the school wanting to stop the program.
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