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Impératif - Commands

Forming commands in French

eileen campanella

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Impératif - Commands

Impératif How to give a command -er Verbs Tu parles
Vous parlez
Nous parlons Now, get rid of
the subject (Tu,
Vous, Nous) and
you have a command! For the "tu" form
of all -er verbs,
eliminate the -s Parle français! Speaking to one person. Parlez français Speaking to more than 1 person Let's speak French -ir Verbs Tu choisis
Vous choisissez
Nous choisissons Get rid of the subject! Choisis une amie! Choisissez des amis! Choisissons des amis! Let's choose some friends! Choose some friends! Choose a friend! Tu vends
Nous vendons
Vous vendez Get rid of the subject! Vends la maison! Vendons les patisseries! The verb "aller" Tu vas
Vous allez
Nous allons (remove the "s" in the "tu" form) Now, get rid of the subject! Va au lit! Allez à l'école! Allons à la classe de français! The Negative Put ne...pas around the verb N'allez pas dans la maison! Ne parlez pas anglais! Au revoir! Parlons français! Sell the house! Sell lemonade! Vendez le citron pressé! Let's sell pastry! Go to bed! Go to school! Let's go to French class! Don't speak English! Don't go in the house! La fin Go to the
forms of the Present
Tense -re Verbs
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