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Benefits From the Holocaust?

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Carlos Rodriguez

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Benefits From the Holocaust?

The Effects of Turberculosis
Treatment for Hypothermia
Scientists carried out various freezing experiments using prisoners to find an effective treatment for hypothermia.

The experiments consisted of stripping down healthy Jews, and inserting a probe that would record internal body temperatures.
Subjects were given unaltered sea water and sea water with an altered taste to fresh water. A method was devised to test whether such liquids given as the only supply of fluid could cause severe physical disturbance or death within six to twelve days. The Jews became so profoundly dehydrated that they were seen licking the floors after they were mopped just to get a drop of water.
Chemical treatment for wounds.
The discovery of Sulfanilamide offered the possibility of a new and revolutionary treatment of wound infections caused by the war. Wartime wounds were recreated and inflicted on healthy Jews designated to be treated by the new drug.
The Effects of Atmospheric Pressure
In order to determine the best way to rescue pilots from the perils of high altitude when they abandoned craft, German scientists used a decompression chamber to simulate high altitude conditions. They would often dissect several of the victims' brains while they were still alive, to demonstrate that high altitude sickness was a result of the formation of tiny air bubbles in the blood vessels of the sub-arachnoid part of the brain.
The Effects of Seawater
By: Carlos Rodriguez
Benefits From the Holocaust
German forces would suffer from dehydration on the battlefield.Scientists were motivated to test the effects of sea water consumption on Jews and try to find an alternate source of hydration.
The German scientist conducted experiments to determine whether there were any natural immunities to Tuberculosis and to develop a vaccination serum against it. They injected live tubercle bacilli into the subjects' lungs to try to immunize against it.
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