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iLearn on Demand PD

No description

jenny jongste

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of iLearn on Demand PD

iLearn on Demand PD
Small time investment
Approximately one hour of time for the learning/training i.e. accessing the online materials.

Approximately 4 more hours in working time - this may be more depending on the module's requirements.

online access
Using an online tool allows equality of access for all CEOWA teachers and staff - regardless of geographic location.

Online allows 24/7 access to suit individual needs

Online tool presents the information in a simple easy to follow format.
What do you think?
Online is the answer
Focussed on pedaogy

Anywhere anytime learning
Flipped PD
Reward the product and application, not just the participation
Sharing is essential
Leadership team know who has completed modules and has products and samples as examples.
Tool of choice...
Udemy was chosen for the first pilot modules. This may change in the future - eg it may move onto the intranet or another web hosted service.
How can we provide PD for everyone, everywhere as needed?
Process of an iLearn module
PD provider designs and creates a course focused on pedagogy that challenges a teacher to apply some knowledge within their classroom.
Focused on Pedagogy
The modules are all focused on the integration of good classroom practice with the appropriate use of ICT tools to enhance the learning and teaching process.
The content is chunked into sections. each module is structured in a similar way so that participants have a consistency of experiences.
The tools are explained in content but at the forefront must always be the teaching and application of knowledge.
The PL module is created in Udemy and the codes shared with the community.
Teacher chooses a module based on needs and desires or even school requirements.
Teacher process...
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