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Poetry Analysis

No description

Michelle Davidson

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Poetry Analysis

Poetry Analysis

"The Ocean' is about men (sailors) who have died at sea's. So the author is saying that the above the ocean can be crazy and wild. But under the water its peaceful and calm.
The Theme
The theme is about how above the ocean the waves are crazy and chaotic,but under the ocean its peaceful and calm, and the seamen who have died at sea are at the bottom peacefully at rest.
The Ocean
By: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Presented by: Michelle Davidson
Literary Devices
Personification: The earth has guilt and care, thought there be fury on the waves.

Symbolism:Calmly the wearied seamen rest.

Alliteration: Them, there
Speakers Tone
The speaker was very calm throughout the poem.
Difficult Words
Wearied: Physically or mentally exhausted.

Solitudes: The state of being or living alone.

Communion A meeting of people

The Ocean
The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet, and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.
The awful spirits of the deep
Hold their communion there;
And there are those for whom we weep,
The young, the bright, the fair.

Calmly the wearied seamen rest
Beneath their own blue sea.
The ocean solitudes are blest,
For there is purity.
The earth has guilt, the earth has care,
Unquiet are its graves;
But peaceful sleep is ever there,
Beneath the dark blue waves.
Nathaniel Hawthorne was born July 4, 1804 – May 19, 1864.He was an American novelist and short story writer. He was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Hawthorne and the former Elizabeth Clarke Manning. He entered Bowdoin College in 1821, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1824, and graduated in 1825. Hawthorne published his first work, a novel titled Fanshawe, in 1828; he later tried to suppress it, feeling it was not equal to the standard of his later work.

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Why I Chose This Poem
I chose this poem because i think it has a good story and i like how there are many descriptive words.
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