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College Essay

No description

tionna baker

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of College Essay

Georgia Perimeter College

Learning Skills
I am a tactile learner. I learn by touching and doing. I understand and remember things through physical movement. I am a "hands-on" learner who prefers to touch, move, build, or draw what I am learning, and I tend to learn better when some type of physical activity is involved. This career choice woule be perfevt for me because i will be doing alot of hands on procedures.
A-Z Plan
Letter to job

My plan to get to this college based on my current GPA now, is working on building my grades up and increasing my credits so i can graduate in 2 years. My GPA needs to meet the standards that the college requires and it currently doesnt meet that yet. By building my credits and grades up i will increase my GPA and this will help me get my grades where they need to be.
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