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FCM's Green Municipal Fund: Your brownfield redevelopment partner

Almost every Canadian community is home to a brownfield site. Bringing these properties back into productive use boosts economic activity, manages environmental risks, improves public health and rejuvenates neighbourhoods. Learn how GMF can help.

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of FCM's Green Municipal Fund: Your brownfield redevelopment partner

The GMF Advantage

Personalized service
Grants and below-market loans
Remediation-stage loans
Innovative financing
Leverage public and private-
sector funds
GMF Knowledge

What's available?
Funding for all stages of brownfield redevelopment
40-acre former industrial site transformed into new residential development
Green Municipal Fund
A permanent fund

GRANTS for brownfield action plans
GRANTS for Site Investigations and other studies
LOANS for remediation and risk management
GRANTS AND LOANS for redevelopment projects
We're with you every
step of the way
Transformed from a contaminated brownfield into a
sparkling waterfront jewel
City of New Westminster, BC
NovaCore Communities Corporation and the City of Thorold, ON
Top priority

Private sector
Eligible for
funding as community partners

Stimulates tourism and revitalizes the downtown core
More than 200,000 tonnes of industrial waste recycled or reused on-site
Heavy metals removed from contaminated soil and sold — at a profit — to third party
New techniques: on-site mining and recycling equipment
540 new homes to be built in 2014
Take Aways
Available for municipalities and their private partners

Dedicated staff to help you through your applications
Funding available in other sectors
Innovative financing options for brownfields
Isaël Poirier
Rachel Deslauriers
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