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All About ME

No description

Sheen Ranu

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of All About ME

Arthropod Assignment
Gursheen Ranu
Aina Abid

Common and Scientific Name
Most commonly infest pond
mashes, swamp
and other wetland habitats.
Food Preference
Eat other flying insects
Many species sucks blood from the skin of
animal hosts.
Life Cycle

Physical Appearance
Less than 1 cm long
Long thin legs and wings
Four wings and four legs
Has only a head and abdomen

Reproductive Characteristics
Male has two sets of organs:- Testes is located at their abdominal tip
Tiny penis and a small sperm storing pouch at their abdominal base.
Mosquito Fly

Prefers stagnant water
where they can lay their eggs
Four separate and distinct stages
Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult
Attached together
Lay their eggs on a plant in the water or drop

Larva or Nymph
Lives in the water
Looks like crusty hump with no wings
Resting Stage
Changes into an adult
Rests on the surface of the water
To dry all its body parts to harden
Nymph shed its skin onto the stem of the plant

Where is the Hotspot?
The hotspot for the arthropod is South Eastern Himalayas.

It is located between the Plateau of Tibet to the north and alluvial plains of the Indian Subcontinent to the south.

Highest mountains in the world
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