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Copy of The Research Process


katherine krug

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of The Research Process

The Research Process more than one step in the scientific method more than one step in the writing process Access Evaluate Apply Identify need Determine relevance Extract & organize information Brainstorm questions Categorize into subtopics Conduct pre-search list keywords Identify sources Locate information newspapers magazines websites reference
databases journals books interviews email blogs TV Radio Wikipedia is NOT a valid source! index table of
contents search engine directory navigational tools Need to understand organization & relationship of content within a given source Assess validity Does this relate to my need? If you didn't identify what your needs are, every piece of information is as good as another! preponderance of the evidence authority of the author cited by others date Apply it to the task notes from multiple sources identifying key ideas recognizing relationships create final product merge information from multiple sources make a decision communicate understanding The Research Grid Visual map of information Prompts students to identify information need first Encourages notes not quotes Highlights contradictory/supporting evidence Transitions to the writing process Identifies weaknesses in research Coach Krug and Mrs. Groves
English I class www.rialtoschools.org/blogs/nkreider
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