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No description

Adriana Coto

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of E-learning

Foundation Income Results Our life PRINCIPLES
VALUES EDUCATION and E-LEARNING UNDERSTANDING Education has and will always been on
the spotlight! It's like a living-being,
growing and always changing. Human-beings
change, technology changes, the world changes, sometimes for good sometimes for bad but once in motion it never stops. Education has to cope with it all: evolve, transform itself to adapt to new needs, new interests or lack of them.
But, where's the limit? Where should we stop? FAMILY, FRIENDS
SOCIETY Nowadays, I think it's very difficult, if not
impossible, in some cases, to isolate society from technology as they mostly go hand in hand. Maybe most of the times, technology means great advances, improvements, making our lives easier, but perhaps in others the past was a friendlier place.
Could we live without it again or are we too used to it? BEING HUMAN in a
your time with me.
This is the first time
I do something like this.
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