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Teachers in Space

A look at Policy 311 and the implications of social networking sites for teachers.

Wendy Thomas

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Teachers in Space

Cyberspace, that is.
Policy 311
Effective July 1996 revised Sept 2004
Social Networking
You Cannot
break copyright

alter contents of documents

use equipment/internet at work for monetary gain

create, access, store or access hate motivated material

use the network to store large personal files unrelated to your job

use technology in a manner that calls into question the suitability of school personnel to work with children. The standards are stated in policy 701.
You Can
occasionally use technology for limited, personal use. This includes occasional personal correspondence, personal record-keeping, and appropriate personal research. Activities not related to assigned duties will be done outside of work hours.
Teachers in Space
Advice from Our Union
Don't use personal email account for school communication to parents.
Have no expectation of privacy in anything you create, share, send or receive on the district's computer system.
Be aware that your email can be used as evidence
of your conduct.
Your messages may be forwarded to larger
audiences- deliberately or unintentionally.
The Internet is an inherent surveillance system. Facebook places the surveillance society in the hands of average users.
As an educator, we have a professional image to uphold. How we conduct ourselves online helps determine this image.
Be Careful What You Write
Know Your Friends
Be Careful of Photos
Adjust Your Privacy Settings.
Avoid "Full Stalker Mode".
The Groups You Join and
Applications you add say someting
About You.
It's not like Vegas...whatever is said on Facebook
does not always stay on Facebook.
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