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Digital Citezenship

No description

Michael Laskowski

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Digital Citezenship

Communication is a very important skill when online because if you talk to someone the wrong way it can hurt there feelings. So you always want to have good communication.
We have multiple responsibilities on the internet. One our most important responsibilities is taking care of our internet life and actual life so people dont think we are a bad example.
If you want to be safe on the internet you need to have a good knowledge of the internet and what you can find sometimes.
Security and Safety
Your security and safety is very important online because if people can get past your security they can possibly leak your informaion and have people come after you which isn't safe.
Thank you!
Digital Footprint
Your digital footprint can make a big difference in your life because it shows what you have done on the internet and sometimes what you are planning to do.
Scams in the online world are very dangerous. Some examples of scam are fake credit card companys, A Nigerian letter or "419" scam, and wining prizes or the lottery.
Digital Citezenship
By: Michael Laskowski
Thier are many law on the internet and some of the most important are using file-sharing websites, private software,hacking,and sending viruses.
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