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George Washington

No description

Dessi Henschel

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of George Washington

by: Destiny, Maria
Sara, Gavin, Jake W. Our prezi Problems With Britain and Native Americans No Navy and Small Army -Barbary pirates were attacking american ships
-holding them hostage
-the pirates were attacking the americans
-in the Mediterranean sea.

-in 1785 is when the pirates attacked american ships
-they were getting money from England

-they were getting tributes from Europe,
-they was a war that between Americans and pirates
-then the pirates never attacked american ships again

-Barbary coast is coastal cities such as northern Africa Barbary Pirates -The americans were trying to stay neutral in the wars
-in 1793 and it was all happening in Europe

-The people living in America wanted him to support both sides
-George Washington didn't support either one

-Other countries had very powerful navies we didn't have a navy

-neutrality is
-not choosing sides

-Tribute: Payment or gift The need for neutrality in european war Whiskey Rebellion -The British and French were enemies at this time and America was a neutral party trading to both of them.

-Then the French and British started capturing American ships, and the british were forcing the Americans in the British Navy.

- During the french revolution the French asked for the Americans to be allies against the British but Washington refused because our navy wasn't that strong because of the british and he did not want to take on the British navy. -The treaty of Paris in 1783 was supposed to settle arguments about the land west of the Appalachian Mountains.

-The British had agreed to leave their forts in the Northwest Territory. However still in the 1790’s the British had forts in the Ohio valley and were trading with the Native Americans.

-They then were trying to kill American settlers coming to the west and there was a battle and a lot of Americans died, and we signed the Greenville treaty to end it.

-After that the British wouldn't move and to make them move we sent in John Jay to kick them out, and somehow he pulled it off and we signed the John Jay treaty. Problem who: Farmers
when: 1791-1794
what: New tax on leftover corn or grain that was made into whiskey
where: Western Pennsylvania
why: they wanted it so that they could increase the power of central government Need for help (formation of a cabinet) -role:discuss actions and policies Completed by: Destiny Source used- Our Nation Book Problems with a national debt SOLUTION- *Planned to get money from foreigners (Only a few did pay/ want to pay)
*Planned to build a new national capital (no one state can claim the capital city,
*Built a bank to collect taxes (issued paper money and give loans)
*Wanted to place an excise tax-- A tax placed on goods that were made, sold, and used in the country
*Wanted to set an import tariffs- A tax on manufactured goods brought into the country *Wanted a tax on whiskey THE PROBLEM AND SOLUTION TO A GOVERNMENT A debt is something, usually money that is owed or due to somebody or something. The government had borrowed millions of dollars from foreign governments and individual "rich" people to get money for war supplies. (Such as weapons, food, shelter, salary, and the uniform. Problems with a national debt Formation of a cabinet Role of a cabinet is to discuss actions and policies ...Continued... Who served?- Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Edmund Randolph, and Henry Hox. Top Justice Thomas Jefferson Thomas- Virginia
secretary of state Alexander- A lawyer who worked on the Constitution Henry- chief Edmund-attorney general They couldn't get there crops to market because the roads weren't very good, and because they had to ship it on the Mississippi River Spain owned that part of the USA and made it hard to ship on the river There were around 5,000 farmers levy: to impose a tax or fee or fine
excise tax: a tax placed on goods made, sold, and used in a country Problem with spain in the US Problem
spain owned the louisiana territory and didn't allow Americans to cross it or use it for trade solution
Washington sent in a militia and the rebellion was over the Louisiana Territory was located in the west boundry.

it was bad for the farmers because they couldn't use the river

there was a treaty with Spain and the US
the name of the envoy was the American envoy

the name of the treaty was the Pinckney treaty

3 outcomes of the treaty are American ships could use the lower part of the river, Spain recognized the 31st parallel as the southern boundry of the USA and the Mississippi river as the western boundry

our nation history (book)
google Video on the three branches
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