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byng_astro White Holes


Oban MacTavish

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of byng_astro White Holes

Double click anywhere & add an idea White Holes A white hole is a theoretical opposite to a black hole a white hole ejects matter that enters its event horrizon Some believe that once something is sucked into a black hole it will be repeled out of a white hole at the end of the worm hole though this has never been proven
While a black hole sucks in matter at its event horrizon
A worm hole is a theoretical place in space that would essentially be a short cut through space time allowing for movement at speeds seemingly faster than light. One kind of wormhole is a Schwarzschild wormhole or a Einstein-Rosen bridge this is a bridge between to places in the universe with a BLACK hole at its entrance and a WHITE hole at the exit A white hole is around the size of a black hole A white hole is one of the theoretical ways to move faster than the speed of light When a while hole is connected to a black hole it becomes a wormhole Black Hole White Hole Worm Hole In theory a worm hole is also a possibility for time traveling!
This would be possible by only one end of the wormhole
accelerating extraordinarly fast and eventually returning to
a stationary position while it is at that speed time would
be slower within that end because of "relativistic time dilation" The theory of Relativistic Time Dilation in simple terms means that as something moves fast enough time would seem to
slow down One conclusion is that worm holes can only take you back to at the latest
when they were created. In one theory worm holes would only be traversable if they were held open by "exotic matter" other wise they would untraversable I HOPE YOU ENJOYED!
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