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Never Too Old

This A project by Cris Y.

Cristian Yoc

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Never Too Old

Never Too Old
In Los Angeles Monday, 91-year-old American woman Hilda Crooks, Boarded a plane for Japan to climb 3,776-meter Mt. Fuji, saying her secret is to get bed early.
She had climbed 97 other peaks during this period.
Ms. Crooks Has climbed California's 4,412-meter Mt. Whitney 22 times and is oldest person to climb the Mountain,
The highest in the Continental U.S. She was 89 when she last reached the top.
Crooks plans to spend two days climbing Mt.Fuji and has been training for the climb. Before leaving Los Angeles on Monday spent 45 minutes climbing 60 steps a total of 15 times.
she became the oldest woman to complete the ascent of Mt. Fuji in Japan. She hiked the entire 212 mile John Muir Trail in the high Sierras, completing the hike in segments over five years.
who won the name Grandma Whitney for her frequent ventures up the nation's tallest peak outside Alaska, died on Sunday at Linda Valley Villa retirement home in Loma Linda. She was 101.
"There's to much depression among old people. I try to show them that they can still enjoy life"
Said Ms. Hulda Crooks.
Hulda Hoehn Crooks was an American mountaineer. Affectionately known as "Grandma Whitney" she successfully scaled 14,505-foot Mount Whitney 23 times between the ages of 65 and 91.
Cristian Yoc
John M. MHS

Hulda Crooks
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