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7.5.17: ENGL110/LEAP

No description

LaTasha Jones

on 15 August 2017

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Transcript of 7.5.17: ENGL110/LEAP

1. Introductions
2. Index Cards
3. Syllabus Review
4. Canvas Review
6. Intro to EHE
7. Writing for College
8. Writing Outside of College
9. Next Class reading(s) for next

First Day
Syllabus Review
hellos + welcomes
Who am I?
Wednesday - 7.5.2017
English 110 - Composition I
Who are you?
Fill out index cards
preferred name
permission for photos + videos for social media and dept website: y/n
local address
email address
phone number
major/intended major
name | where are you from | major/program | something interesting about you

next class
Wednesday (for 7/6):
Ch1: Why Write?
Ch14: Description
Ch18: Comparing and Contrasting
Grammar Handbook (pgs691-696)

#1) "Se Habla Español"
#2) "Love ust Not Be Forgotten"

MLA Overview and Workshop (online - Purdue OWL)
Pay attention to Canvas and school email!
be a (reading) quiz next class!
Ms. Jones
Canvas Review

EHE Context + Perspective
What is the
human experience
Connections between people
social beings
define what friendship, love, family, society, etc. mean to you

Insights into everything
practice thinking creatively and critically, to reason, and to ask questions

Understanding our/your world
add to your knowledge about the world
learn about the values of different cultures, about what goes into making a work of art, about how history is made

Bringing clarity to the future
gain tools to imagine, think about, and impact the future

LEAP Tutor: Faith Ford
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