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Fascism, communism, and totalitarianism project

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Allison Joy

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Fascism, communism, and totalitarianism project

Fascism first came into play in Italy after WWI when Benito Mussolini came into power. Italians were not satisfied with the way other countries treated them after WWI. Mussolini emerged as a powerful leader who promised to bring back pride and make Italy a well-respected state once again. Mussolini had a army in uniform around Italy and his followers were aggressive and would start fights with citizens and regular soldiers in the streets. After this, in 1922 Mussolini became dictator of Italy. Mussolini promised what the people wanted as in restoring national pride, increasing productivity, re-starting the economy, removing excessive business regulations, and bringing order back to Italy.
Fascism, communism, and totalitarianism project
By: Allison, Ryan, And Tristin
What was the fascination with the extreme theories of fascism and communism?
How did they gain control of there perspective countries?
Japan was going through a depression which made the japan people lose faith in the government and listened to new ideas like fascism. It was making japanese life easier. Japans government was corrupt so the people would believe in anything that could fix their corrupt government.
Who were the supporters of these stems? What were reasons for their support?
imperialists supported the ideas because they believed it would lead japan into a better state.
What organizations were created to establish absolute control and obedience to the regime
Japanese's strong military helped keep control and keep fascism in society as did the school system that taught the kids that western thinking was wrong and that fascism was right. An emperor ruled over the country so no opposition could come into play.
What was the fascination with the extreme theories of fascism and communism?
Who were the supporters of these systems? What were the reasons for their support?
The Soviet Union
Identify dissenters to the system and how they were dealt with?

The Communist party arose from a split in the Italian Socialist Party on their 17th congress. Since Mussolini was anti-communism he outlawed the communist party and it later began life in the underground and changed its name to the PCI and the PCI has become the strongest standing party and received 2/3 of the votes in elections after WW1 then it changed into today's Democratic Party of the Left in Italy.

Leaders who did not support fascism were often subject to assassination attempts.
*Communism in Italy
*Fascism in Italy
Question 1
Question 2:
The czar was deposed and replaced with provisional gov. which was then deposed and replaced by the Bolshevik (communist) gov.
Question 3
the supporters were the Bolsheviks and the work force. They supported because they wanted to abandon the provisional gov.'s war efforts
Question 4
A communist empire would be created by Vladimir Lenin in its place, and during the next seven decades would spawn failed harvests, famine, social and political repression, religious persecution, and mass murder.
Question 5
People who spoke out against communism were quickly sent to gulags (a system of labor camps maintained in the former Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died.)
Background Info On These Totalitarian Systems
is a socioeconomic system structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and characterized by the absence of social classes, money, and the state; as well as a social, political and economic ideology and movement that aims to establish this social order.
is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy during World War I, combining more typically right-wing positions with elements of left-wing politics, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, and traditional conservatism. Fascism is often placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum, but several academics have said that the description is inadequate.
How did they gain control of their perspective countries?
Well the Fascists gained control forcefully due to the March on Rome. They went to the Prime Minister at the time, Luigi Facta, and told him to step down so Mussolini would become the new Prime Minister. Shortly after, Mussolini took over the whole Italian Government and gained Italy.
What was the fascination with the extreme theories of fascism and communism?
How did they gain control of there perspective countries?
Ways of controlling:
Hitler told the people what they wanted to hear and that was a better life for them.
Get rid of democracy.
Who were the supporters of these stems? What were reasons for their support?
The supporters were the Germans and they supported Hitler to be the leader because of his leadership skills and his ideas that were what people wanted because he would tell them what they wanted to hear.
What organizations were created to establish absolute control and obedience to the regime
The Gestapo who were germans secret police during the dictatorship of Hitler. They would kill anyone who opposed and they could make you disappear with out a trace or trial for your reappearance and this kept people in line back then.
Identify dissenters to the system and how they were dealt with?
People who didn't like fascism were killed or put into work/concentration camps. Also later on they would make death camps that were meant for you to go and die without a reason. The dissenters were Jews and Communists who believed this was wrong but could do nothing about it since all of Germany hated them.
Totalitarian Systems
They liked fascism because it was efficient in some ways where they didn't have to think just follow. And they believed it would lead them into a better life.
Many opposed communism because they believed it wont work but the few that did liked it because they would be many people making decisions so they could better make decisions that everyone would like and that everyone was equal no matter what.
This was a form of government that was made because of fascism and communism. its a combination of the two like fascism idea of total control and communism's idea of state holds power.
Totalitarian Systems
They liked Adolf Hitler's ideas because it was what they wanted and wanted to hear so they followed him and accepted his fascist ideas.
This was very much opposed in Germany because of Hitler's propaganda against it. but people believed it was the right way to go because they believed no one is above anyone.
This rose in Germany after fascism and communism failed so they just combined the two in making this and people were on both sides so if they combined them they should all accept it. is what they believed.
Some people liked communism because everyone recives equal shares from derived from labor. This also ment that the poor class would transition to middle, ans the high class would also transition to the middle
The main supporter of Fascism in Italy was Benito Mussolini and his followers. He pleased the upper class, by promising to protect their existence, and the working class by advocating for the creation of a minimum wage and drastic improvements in transportation (like railroads) and infrastructure. Mussolini’s political ideology stimulated both the revolutionaries and traditionalists, and created what he called the ‘Third Way’. This way was neither socialism/communism, or laissez-faire capitalism, but a combination of ideas from both of the extremes.
Antonio Gramsci and his followers were the main supporters of Communism! But Communism was never "popular" during this period because this was a period of repression and decline. Also many public members were killed due to the dictator being threatened by the party.
What organizations were created to establish absolute control and obedience to the regime?
To help control Italy when Mussolini noticed he was a true dictator he tried "buying" the people. First he tried and succeeded in promising an eight hour day while an questioning into the profits made by the industrialists during World War One was dropped. The rich benefited from a reduction in death duties; now, under Mussolini, more of what someone had earned during their lifetime, went to their family and not the government. To get support from the Roman Catholic Church, religious education was made compulsory in all elementary schools. This made the people very happy because they were slowly working there way out of the shame put on them in World War One due to past leaderships. Which slowly lead to more loyalty due to these new ideas by Mussolini. Also the Acerbo Law that made it half impossible to win an election against Fascist people, even if another group could get enough votes most of them would be brushed aside when counting the ballots. When u get 25% of votes or more in an election than you'll get at least 66% of the seats on parliament due to Acerbo Law, which lead to a government with almost total control of its government and people.
Identify dissenters to the system and how they were dealt with?
People who apposed the system were mostly just Anti-Fascists or Communists. But due to this civil unrest, Fascists and Communists fought on the streets and Fascist soldiers would help fight them aswell. A little after Fascists started terrorizing Communist newspapers and other buildings. later on the anti-fascists joined with the peoples militia. After this the Fascist people herd rumors of a Anti-Fascist attack and the Fascists launched a coup against the Italian Government called the March on Rome and ordered the Prime Minster to step down and let Mussolini take his place. When this happened he tested out his power by taking over the whole Italian Government. Later they new government arrested many Communist officials and other Anti-Fascist people and dissolved the Communist party till further notice.
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