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Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry (The main conflicts in the nove

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Maha Abdulaziz

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry (The main conflicts in the nove

About the logans family going through rough times in Mississippi and facing racial discrimination and the children don't understand why they are being treated unfairly.

In chapter 3 & 4
Person vs. Society

The kids take revenge from the whites bus, in which they eventually succeed.
The also get informed about the night men coming, they nearly face them but depart soon.

Stacey is kind of forced to follow T.J into the Wallace's for revenge, Which leads him into trouble.

The children are really afraid of the night men because of what they did to their bus, as they also have heard horrible things happening with people.

In chapter 1 & 2
Person vs. Self

Its the first day of school and the children are all wearing their Sunday clothes, but the get washed up with muddy water.
The whites have different schools than the blacks, and they also get used books which angers them.
The kids also hear about the Lynching taking place in their society.

The problem now is about the kids that are facing different aspects of racism in their early times, while going to school.

The main conflict that is being spread in the novel again and again is:
In chapter 5 & 6
Person vs. Society

Cassie goes to strawberry with big ma.
Cassie also faces a conflict with Lillian Jean and had to apologize for nothing.
She also didn't like to be served at last when she came the first.
The problem now is that the racism has also been introduced fully to cassie and she doesn’t just understand about why the world is so cruel to them.

In chapter 9 & 10
Person vs. society

Papa, Mr. Morrison and Stacey went to shop for 7 other families at the Vicksburg.
But then the white folks come out at night and started their conflict with them which led for papa to get an broken leg.
Now its their final chance to decide the future of their land they all are waiting for Hammer to show up with the money for saving their land.

The logans took the responsibility for getting the families their grocery from Vicksburg but that lent to the riskiness of their lives. And the land also has a great importance but its in a great threat and they are trying to find all possible things for saving it.

In chapter 7 & 8
Person vs. Society

The logans are trying to boycott the wallaces and shop at the vicksburg.
Their land is also in a threat and Mr. Granger is trying to take it from them.

The main problem now is that the blacks have also kind of raised their voice against them but they don’t know the consequences they are going to end up in.


In chapter 11 & 12
Person vs. society

T.J has been R.W and Melvin's friend and they decide to steal the pear handed gun from Mr. Barnett's and they also killed him.
T.J was been beaten up by his fake friends and now has to face the elders.
papa distracted them and let his land be destroyed but eventually T.J was killed.
At the end the problem has reached the peak and the land of the logans also has got destroyed after all hard work through the novel. And T.J also got last breathes of his fake friendship with the whites.

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

(The main conflicts in the novel)
Group 5:
Warda, Maha, Noora, Shahad

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