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Call of the Wild Important Events

The major events and turns in Call of the Wild by Jack London


on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Call of the Wild Important Events

Call of the Wild
Important Events Ch. 1: Buck is taken from his
owner and sold to a man who
puts him on a train. Ch. 1: Buck is taught the law of club when he is beaten by a man in a red sweater Ch. 2: Buck is taught the law of fang when he witnesses Curly being ripped apart by the dogs. Ch. 2: Buck learns about the life of a sled dog when he is harnessed in for the first time and learns to sleep in holes in the snow. Ch. 3: Buck defeats his rival, Spitz after a great rivalry. This brings out his ancestors instincts, which is shown by him starting to see a hairy man by the fire. Ch. 4: Buck finally has gotten his leadership of leading the sled after defeating Spitz. Ch. 5: Buck and all the dogs were bought by Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. They were treated badly and a lot of dogs died. Ch. 5: The sled was at camp with other sled drivers. Buck refused to get up and go since he knew it was a certain death and was viciously beaten. John Thorton stopped them and took Buck. Ch. 6: John Thorton nursed Buck back to health and their mutual love grew. Buck saved John twice. The second time he fell of a boat and Buck jumped in an tried to drag him to shore. He made it but John was holding on to a rock. He fell of while they were trying to fish him off, and they had to keep sending Buck in to try to get him while he was attached to a rope. They finally got John out, and Buck was badly injured. Buck was badly injured and they stayed camped till he healed. Ch. 6: Buck wins $1,600 for Thornton in a bet at Dawson City. Buck did this by pulling a 1000 pound sled over 100 yards, with only his strength and motivation to help Thorton. The story of how strong this dog is spreads. Ch. 7: Thorton and the dogs set out to find a lost cave that was said to have wonderful grade of gold. It was dangerous but they went on it. They lived off the resources they could find and hunted for food while looking for the lost cabin. Ch. 7: John Thornton discovers gold “like yellow butter.” Buck uses the free time to learn more about living in the wild and going on trips to the woods. Ch. 7: Buck leaves John Thornton, unknowingly missing raid that wipes out the entire camp. Ch. 7: Buck knew he had to move on, he found a dog pack and joined them to continue his life. Rising Action Climax ARC OF THE STORY Resolution Rising Action Climax Rising Action Subplot Subplot Subplot Resolution Rising Action Resolution Subplot Resolution
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