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Japanese Notan

No description

Alyssa Parr

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Japanese Notan

Japanese Notan
Notan is a Japanese word meaning the balance between dark and light.
It is also an art form involving papercutting and positive and negative shapes.
The Japanese artists begin with black and white paper and cut out shapes and lines to create a unique design.
Japan is a country close to China
They have different beliefs and ways of life:

They believe in the Buddhist religioun
Believe in serving the mind, body, and soul
Believe in the simplest of things and strong family ties.
The Japanese Notan reflects their way of life in that they are....

1. Simple

2. Use only two colors

3. Are neat, precise, and orderly
Japanese Notan uses the two elements of art...

This example is also symmetrical.... meaning that it is the same on BOTH sides.
That example uses ASYMMETRY...

....Meaning that ALL sides are different.
To make Notan, you start out with a black square.

You then cut out shapes from the black square. These shapes that are CUT OUT are POSITIVE SPACE.
Everything else that is left around the shape(the white area) is called NEGATIVE SPACE.
For this project......
You will be making TWO Japanese Notan inspired collages.
The first one....

Will use black and white paper
The second one....

Use complementary colors..
What are complementary colors???
Two colors that are DIRECTLY across from each other on the color wheel.

Yellow and Violet

Blue and Orange

Green and Red
Plan of attack...

1. Demonstration and go over project worksheet and rubric.

2. Sketch ideas, check with me.

3. Get final paper and start cutting and gluing!

4. Finish both early? We will learn some origami :)
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