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What is Change Management?

Change management components & definitions.

Amy Peters

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of What is Change Management?

The Association of Change Management Professionals
defines change management to be the application of knowledge, skills, abilities, methodologies,
processes, tools, and techniques to
transition an individual or group from a current state
to a desired future state, such that the desired outcomes and/or business objectives are achieved.
A Change
Management Primer
Change Readiness
Change Impact Assessment
Change Readiness
Change ReadinessAn
Change Readiness
Change ReadinessAAA template
Organizational Commitment Assessment
Change Champion Network
(Unit Representative Program)
Roadshow Agenda
Leadership Coaching
Management Plan
Communication Plan
Involvement Plan
Stakeholder Analysis
Leadership Alignment
SWOT Analysis
HR Infrastructure
(Workforce Strategy)
Key Messages
Training Plan
(Unit Readiness) Checklist
Lessons Learned
A survey that evaluates the level of organizational readiness for change.
Designed to help:
Determine what activities will most effectively manage the change
Highlight issues that need further investigation
Help team focus on critical areas
An assessment that describes high level changes in:
And how changes affect key stakeholder groups.
Change Management can be confusing to define

Organizations define it differently.
It can include a LARGE list of activities.
Definition Deep Dive:
Conner Partners - Consulting Firm
Change management is the
orchestration of change in a way that
identifies and addresses the human risks
involved in implementing change.
This strengthens the individual and
organizational ability to handle
change well and increases the chances
that the change will be put
successfully into practice.
Definition Deep Dive:
ChangeGuides Consulting Firm
Change management provides you with the
training, understanding, tools and techniques designed specifically to support your
organizational change objective and
drive team performance.
A process that defines the
people who are critical to a
successful change and
assesses their current and
desired levels of support.
Definition Deep Dive:
Faith Fuqua-Purvis
Synergy Solutions
Moving individuals from where they
currently are to
where the business needs them to be.
A self-assessment that
allows people to plot their
level of commitment to the change
and provides feedback on what
would help them
develop stronger commitment.
Definition Deep Dive:
Xplane Consulting Firm
Change is difficult.
To overcome objections and build momentum, companies turn to XPLANE to
infuse agility by defining the current state, envisioning the desired future state and
developing a campaign to drive
critical improvements.
An interview questionnaire
that helps determine
the degree of leadership
agreement about the change.
An assessment which
clarifies the
Strengths, Weaknesses
of an organization and the Opportunities and Strengths facing the change initiative.
A combination of
tools which document
Change Management activities, estimates time and effort required, assigns of responsibility, and
tracks progress.
Definition Deep Dive:
Accenture (partner in defining our
NextGen CM Methodology)
Accenture helps organizations—
and their people—adjust to change,
whether it is a technology system that requires training, processes that need integrating into existing work habits, or a strategic direction that depends on the understanding and
support of stakeholders.
Definition Deep Dive:

North Highland Consulting Firm
North Highland's Change Management services help clients effectively manage the transition process to make sure people are ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in the new environment. Through a proactive focus on executive support, involving stakeholders in the change process, communication, skill development, and resistance management, North Highland's Change Management process helps prepare the workforce for what is coming, speed the realization of project ROI, and sustain the benefits of the change long-term.
A list of Human Resource (HR) activities that must be considered because of modifications to individual jobs, roles, or tasks due to the overall change.
Definition Deep Dive:
Change Management Pocket Guide
Successful change management is the
discipline of driving business results
by changing behaviors.
A detailed list of audiences, messages, and
specific communications vehicles to build individual and organizational commitment
to the change.
A template that helps define critical messages to be communicated
My definition of change management
Helping people through times of
transition by providing:

A compelling case for change to define the vision
Information to build awareness
Tools to retain a sense of competence
Time to ask questions and establish trust

Such that individuals and teams can
embrace the benefits and
adopt the change.
Definitions and components drawn from the
NextGen Change Management Methodology developed in partnership with Accenture Consulting and Kate Nelson & Stacy Aaron's
Change Managment Pocket Guide
Change ReadinessAn
Risks &
Mitigation Strategies
Similar to a SWOT analysis, this is an assessment which
is designed to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks.
A action plan for each leader designed to:
Communicate each leader's role
Motivate leaders to be supportive & involved
Spread ownership & knowledge with executives
The training plan details
the tools and resources
to be provided to
individuals and groups
so they are able to still
perform their job functions
once the transition has occurred.
Definition Deep Dive:
Gail Severini - Conner Partners
Change management focuses on the
facilitation of people from the current state
to the desired state. It deals with expediting three things: understanding, commitment, and alignment, which helps people change the way they think about their roles, leave behind current mindsets and competencies, and dive into
new thinking and build new capability.
A list of suggested topics (or stock content) to share at presentations for individuals and groups throughout the organization.
A list of activities that need to
be completed to successfully implement the change.
Activities designed to involve employees affected by the change to help them understand, accept, and cope with the changes to their jobs, roles, and responsibilities.
Definition Deep Dive:

Prosci Consulting Firm
Change management is the application
of a structured process and tools to enable individuals or groups to transition from a
current state to a future state, such that a desired outcome is achieved. When change management is done well, people feel engaged in the change process and work collectively towards a common objective, and the outcomes are change projects realizing benefits and delivering results.
Periodic or post-change assessment
to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities allowing the team to course correct for the current change or
learn for future initiatives.
Working with leaders
to ensure a change initiative has both the support and
long-term sponsorship to drive a change to success.
A group of individuals from key areas in the organization gathered to help guide, communicate, and champion the change.
How would YOU define Change Management?
Based on all of these components, would you change YOUR definition of Change Management?
Definition Deep Dive:
Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people-side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Change management incorporates the organizational tools that can be utilized to help individuals make successful personal transitions resulting in the adoption and realization of change
- Laurel Barnes
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