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Approaches to Overcome Cultural Challenges in Saudi Arabia

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Anisha Shajan

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Approaches to Overcome Cultural Challenges in Saudi Arabia

How to overcome these cultural differences:
America vs Saudi Arabia:
Applying Hofstede's 4 Dimensions of National Culture
Role of Women in the Saudi Arabian business environment:
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
largest Arab country in the Middle East
"the Land of the Two Holy Mosques"
Is one of the world's largest oil exporter
Islam is the official religion and Arabic, the official language
Absolute monarchy, which uses its constitution and the Quran as guidelines
Islam is incorporated into everyday activities, including business deals
Foreigners interested in conducting business in Saudi Arabia should know the beliefs and values that Islam teaches, because Islam rules over every aspect of a Muslim’s life.
A-salaam alaikum
is what Saudi businessmen use as a greeting. This translates to 'peace be upon you' in English.
Alcohol and pork are banned in Saudi Arabia. Foreign business people should be aware of what of is and isn't allowed in Saudi Arabic. It's often based off of what is acceptable in Islamic law.
Anisha Shajan
Professor Boers
Maymester 2014
Approaches to Overcome Cultural Challenges in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
The Influence of Islam
Communication Tendencies:
* Saudi Arabi is defined as a high context culture
* The significance of a message is contained more in the context than in the message itself (academic2.american.edu)
*Nonverbal communication cues are extremely important. * Focus is given to body language
*Example: The importance of maintaining eye contact in a conversation with a Saudi person: Though the person speaking could just be shy and could have good intentions, lack of eye contact while speaking to a Saudi person, would cause a Saudi person to regard the person speaking as untrustworthy and dishonest

* The women of Saudi Arabia have little to no role in the business field
* Foreign businesspeople need to understand the role of women in Saudi society, and understand their audience before attempting to market a product in Saudi Arabia
[Marketing a dress like the one in the picture isn't such a great idea!]

* Foreign businesswomen that are allowed into the country are expected to dress appropriately, behave very reserved, and remain cautious when participating in a field that’s male-oriented in Saudi Arabia
* Interaction with men in general is extremely rare, and frequent conversations and meetings with different men are considered extremely inappropriate
Saudi Arabia:
* individualist
* low power distance
* low uncertainty
* moderately
masculine society
* high power
* average uncertainty avoidance
* a very masculine society
Works Cited [Text]

*With so many differences, it might seem extremely difficult to overcome all these cultural obstacles, but it doesn't have to be!
*Knowledge is power!
*Research the culture and customs of a country before targeting an audience from a different country
*Keep an open mind!
*Be accepting of different values, customs, and religious beliefs
*Following these tips will make overcoming cultural obstacles much easier!

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picture of flag
picture of country
picture of mecca
picture of Allah in Arabic
picture of businessmen
picture of the three ladies
picture of Hofstede's chart
picture of Hofstede
picture of US society
picture of Saudi society
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