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Connected learning

No description

Priya Sharma

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Connected learning

Connected learning
Connected learning
can act as a bridge between traditionally separated contexts of learning--physical, social, cultural, and demographic...
... we must expand our understanding and appreciation of how these interests and passions can be integrated within school contexts
... we must help students to identify appropriate mechanisms for engaging with communities and practices
... we must be open to the notion that what students are passionate about is not necessarily always 'appropriate' from a formal learning perspective
For CL to occur
... we must ensure equity of technology access
connected learning does not happen automatically
Connected learning
Is not bounded by physical context or geographical factors -- it allows like minded people with a specific interest to connect with other like-minded people
Connected learning
Allows students to be treated legitimately as artists, creators, and knowledge generators, without being seen as 'problem causers'
Connected learning
Allows learners to experiment with different communities and practices
Connected learning
Might positively influence learners' motivation, purpose, and interest by connecting their in-school learning to real world contexts
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