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Drew Wong

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Animism

-This religion believed that all non-human things such as plants, animals and often inanimate objects to all have spirits inside of them so they believed in many gods.
-Animism comes from the Latin word called "animus" which means "Soul Life."
- People who are Animistic, have Spiritual and Supernatural perspectives.
A British Anthropologist named Edward B. Tylor had adopted the term "animism" from Georg Ernst Stahl. Anthropologists recognize them as a complex belief system. Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present.
Not only did they believe plants, animals and objects had spirits, they also believed ancestors watched over their families. This resulted as "Ancestor Worship" which would let Animists communicate and respect their ancestors.
This is the symbol for Animism
Animistics believe these spirits are caused to create good or protect people from harm, danger or trouble. There is a spirit that continues to exist even after someone dies. Spirits that are unattended become revengeful, bitter, angry and hateful. If the proper rituals are formed the spirits would be happy and go to the "spirit world." The rituals often took place outdoors in nature and were practiced by Shaman, Medicine men or Medicine women. A sacred place is in Haiti. In Haiti there is a sacred tree over 200 years ago and the animistic witch doctors made a deal with the devil. These witch doctors were most upset when Christian pastors recently prayed over the tree and successfully commanded the spirits to leave. There are objects such as stones that possess power and could be dangerous.
The holy leader of Animism was Shaman. Shaman influenced the world by telling people about spirits. Shamans or "messengers" spread Animism in different places of the world. Not only did messengers spread the religion so did folklore and tales. People follow this religion because they believe in peace and they think this religion would give them life answers. There are about 600,000 to 800,000 people who follow this religion.
This religion has influenced a region by their perspective of nature and how they treat it. People were taught to respect things and treat things better and with care. For example the Native Americans known as Montagnards, took are and respected their family members and were kind to foreigners/travelers who had met them. One major problem that this religion faces today is the amount of followers Animism has. Many people have never heard of it before. Also philosophers don't have too much information on them and on their history.
Presentation by:
Drew Wong
Adina Restaino
Jonathan Reid
Shango Carson
Animistic live all around the world. The religion is mainly from Asia, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, Africa, United States and a few other places .
The people that follow this religion are Shinto (from Japan) and they believe in spirits and nature or Kami which is believed to exist everywhere and the Philippines still practice rituals . The French and tribes followed this religion also. All they celebrate are rituals.
Take out a pen and loose-leaf and answers these 5 questions:
1) What is the belief of Animism?

a) Animism believes in plants and animals being able to act like humans
b) Animism believes in the reincarnation
c) Animism is the belief of non- humans having spirits
d) Animism beliefs are to place spells on people who do wrong things

2) What was the tribes name who followed this religion?
a) Montagnards
b) Iroquois
c) Algonquins
d) Indians of the sea

3) What was the result of Animists believing ancestors were watching over them?
a) The Animists were being controlled by evil spirits
b) The ancestors helped guide their family to good
c) It created "Ancestor Worshiping" and they were now able to speak to their ancestors

4) What religions have the ideas of Animism in them?
a) Buddhism
b) Islam
c) Hinduism
d) All of the Above

5) How does the modern anthropology view animism?
a) They judge the way the people believe in things
b) They think this religion is easy to learn about
c) People view animism as a strict religion
d) Anthropologists recognize them as a complex belief system.

Fun Facts
Some Movies represent the religion of Animism Such As A Very Known Cartoon Called Brother Bear It Captures The true enhancement Of Having Animal Spirits
Animism is now apart of many different religions in many different parts of the world. Their beliefs impact the world greatly. Hindus and Muslims in Central and Southeast Asia and most Buddhists in China and Japan combine their religion with several animistic beliefs. Some religions celebrate life, growth and health.
Festivals included crazy outfits seen in these pictures
There Were Also Some Disturbing Traits
On The Animist
Some Were In The included in the activity o which craft known as Voodoo
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