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Personal Narrative

No description

Danielle Briskman

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Personal Narrative

Meaningful Experiences Personal Narrative Process - A Happy Moment in your life Elements of a Personal Narrative - Same Elements as a Short Story
- Plot
- Setting
- Characters
- Conflict
- Theme - Think of an important event in your life or something that is significant Personal Narratives Retelling a meaningful experience through
first-person - A Sad Experience that made you stronger - A Frightening Time that you will never forget - A Discovery you made about yourself that changed your life forever - Anything that has Significance! - Different than Short Story
- Creating elements from Real Experiences
- Not from imagination - Arrange events in chronological order - Decide if you want to use flashbacks, flashforwards, or stay in the same time period - Write a first draft in first-person - Use a lot of Rich Imagery and Detail
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