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Dollers Hw

James Ward

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of History

The Road to War The road to war started at the treaty of Versailles, the Germans were unhappy with many of the terms, especially the war guilt clause ... A man named Adolf Hitlker rose to power in Germany and pretty much brain washed the people of Germany, bending European politicians to his will through fear and intimidation as he went. He began to slowly work around and disobey the terms of the treaty of Versailles, Germany was limited to a 100,000 man army, but he began to build a much larger and stronger one, he was even able to test new weapons in Russia by passing it off as an agreement with the Russians. On 7th March 1936, Hitler gave orders to invade the
hineland, it was a bluff on Hitler's part as they only had
an army of about 22,000,they had Bikes ! Hitler had given
commands that if they were attacked to turn around a run.
France did nothing and so Hitler got the Rhineland back.
Many people said it was like walking into their own backgarden.
In 1938, Hitler began to encourage the Austrian Nazi
to stir things up, Hitler wanted Austria back, so starte
to take actions to get the Austrian leader to step down.
Eventually he got his way and he resigned, the Austrian
Nazi got control, and invited Hitler in by using the excuse,
we need help controlling the country, when actually the
Germans were welcomed. The union of Austria and
Germany was forbidden in the Treaty of Versailles, but it
still happened. In 1938, Hitler tried to take over the Sudetenland, the land around
the western borders of Cz that bordered Germany, there was many
ethnic Germans in the area and he wanted them as part of
Germany. Hitler had the Sudeten ethnic Germans to demand
union with Germany, and then started to plan an invasion of
Cz. There was a meeting arranged in Munich between France, Germany, Italy
and the Britain. At this meeting Chamberlain appeased Hitler into not
invading Cz, it was seen as a great step to peace . . . On March 15th 1939. Hitler invaded the rest of Cz, at this point most
of the British people realised that the only thig that was going to stop
Hitler was war, Chamberlain was not convinced. In the summer of 1939, Hitler began his plans to take Poland, the Germans in danzig demanded union with Germany and Hitler threatened war. Chamberlain said that if Hitler invaded it would defend them. In August taht year, Hitler made a pact with the Soviet Union, the USSR/Nazi pact, the two nations would divide Poland up, he thought this would scare Britain and France. On the 1st of September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. On the 3rd of September 1939, Britain declared war on Germany, and shortly after so did France.
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