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The African Wild Dog

For my animal project.

Jackie Garcia

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of The African Wild Dog

Jackie Garcia African Wild Dog By:Jackie Garcia The African Wild Dog The African Wild Dog has a really tough environment. The African Wild Dog ears are so big that they radiate body heat easier due to larger surface area. They have long legs and big ears. Its enviroment is the grasslands and savannas. Cleary, there is a lot of interesting things about this animal. The Wild Dogs Environment and Adaptations This animal lives in the grasslands and savannas. This place has weird plant names and many animals. Some weird plant names are Kangaroo Paw, Gumtree Euculyptus, and Jackal Berry Tree. Some animlas like the african wild dog lives in this biome. As you can see, there are lots of things in this place. Where The Animal Lives This carnivore, eats many animals. It mostly eats Wild Boar,Spring Buck, Buffalo, Rhinos, Reedbuck, Puku, and many more. Even though i didn't meation all, there is still a lot of other animals it eats. The Type Of Consumer and What it Consumes The african wild dog eats a lot of things, but somethings eat them. For example, IT eats a buffalo, rhinos, lions, human, and fish mainly. Except, it gets eaten by Zebras, Gazelles, Wildebeast, and Buffalocalfs. Its Predators and Preys The wild dog goes by the name of Colby. They are the same as the African hunting dog but just with a different name. fUN FACTS The African Wild Dog is not the fastest dog, the greyhound is. African wild dogs if you ask, are not related to normal dogs.If you want to train an African Wild Dogs, you can't because they are free wild animals. fUN FACTS Thanks for watching!!!!!
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