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april manabat

on 3 August 2015

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the library
Ralph B. Gehring Library or the Loyola School of Theology (LST) Library
serves as the information arm of the LST in support of the curricular and research needs of its students and faculty. Being the
“best theological library in Southeast Asia”
, it is also open to external users, subject to its rules and regulations. It has a collection of approximately 100,000 volumes of books and bound serials and has access to more than 15,000 electronic resources. Formerly owned by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, it was donated to the Loyola School of Theology in 1996.
Ralph B. Gehring Library
Loyola School of Theology
June 2014
library hours
The library is open from
7:45 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Saturdays, with no noon breaks,
throughout most of the year. It is closed on Sundays, school or legal holidays, and announced days for inventory or other events such as natural calamities affecting Metro Manila.
admission to the library
The Library is open to all bonafide students, faculty, administrators, and staff of Loyola School of Theology.

Jesuits who belong or are attached to the Philippine Province have open access to the Library.

Faculty and students of Ateneo de Manila University are allowed to use the Library as endorsed by their Department Heads.

The Library accommodates outside researchers for a fee.

The Library welcomes visitors who wish to take a glimpse of the library and its services.
barcoded student Identification Card (ID)
Library users are required to present their
validated ID
at all times in the library especially when borrowing and returning library materials.
Bags, brief cases, knapsacks, umbrellas, food, drinks, etc. must be left in the
depository boxes
found near the entrance. Personal things and valuables can be kept in the deposit boxes with locks, upon request for the key at the Circulation Counter. Keys are for daily use only.
The library main door is equipped with a
sensing device
that detects library books that have not been properly checked out at the circulation counter. If the device sounds an alarm, the exiting client must return to the counter and allow his/her bag, briefcase, etc. to be inspected.
rule of silence
The library is a
silent study area
. Conversations which cause annoyance or disturbance to other library users must be avoided. Cell phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode at all times. Students caught doing any of these activities shall be referred to the Office of the Assistant to the Dean for proper disciplinary action.
open-shelves system
The Library has an
open-shelves system
. It allows library users to have open access of the entire collection. The shelves are labeled accordingly with the range of call numbers of books they contain. Books are arranged on the shelf by call number.
shelving of books
Users are not asked to return books on the shelves. Books are to be left on designated tables found in strategic locations in the library or simply leave the books you have used on the study table. A staff is assigned to collect books left on tables when doing the routine rounds at certain times of the day or during friday afternoons.
the library collection
The library houses the following collections / Sections:

Reference Books
General Circulation Books
Class Reserves Shelf
Newly-Processed Books
Paperbacks /Pocket books
Non-prints (CDs, DVDs)
Online Databases
general references
general references section (REF)
, located at the 3rd floor, includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, encyclicals, guidebooks, etc. These books are for room-used only.
general circulation books
General circulation books
found at the 1st floor, includes collections on various subject with major concentration on the field of theology and philosophy. These books can be loaned out for a maximum of
two (2) weeks,
and a possibility of renewal. It has three special sections:
Oversize, Pamphlets, and Paperbacks (Pocket Books).
Periodicals Section
, located at the 2nd floor, includes around 300-400 titles of professional theology journal and magazine subscriptions and gifts and exchanges. These materials cannot be loaned out but may be borrowed for photocopying purposes only.
Theses Section (THE)
, found at the 3rd floor, includes unpublished theses and dissertations of LST students. These materials are for room-used only. Photocopying any part of theses is not allowed as the library observes intellectual property rights.
class reserve section
Class Reserve Shelf
, also located at the 3rd floor, houses required reading materials of faculty in their respective subject areas to be used by their students as references. These includes circulation books as well as personal books of faculty. These materials are for room-used only.
oversize collection
Oversize Collection (OVE)
, located at the ground floor, are books that are not of size of the regular books. A separate shelf is given to these books for proper organization and for easy retrieval and access. These materials can be loaned out as general circulation books.
Pamphlets (PAM)
, also located at the ground floor, are books and other reading materials that has 50 pages and below. These materials are housed in separate shelves for easy retrieval and access.
, found at the 2nd floor, are used by students, faculty and lecturers for classroom discussions. It can be borrowed but must be returned within the day.
Non-prints (CDs, DVDs)
Non-Prints or multimedia,
composed of cassette tapes, VHS, CDs, VCDs, and DVDs, placed in a glass cabinet found at the 3rd floor can also be used. Players are available at Audio-Visual Rooms (AVRs) at the 2nd floor. These materials can be loaned out for a maximum of 2 weeks with a possibility of renewal.
online databases
Online databases
, which can be accessed through the library website page (http://lst.edu/about-us/ralph-gehring-library) is powered by EBSCOHost. Journal articles from around 15,000 titles can be accessed and downloaded free of charge while inside the campus. Just ask the librarian to learn more about these databases.
paperbacks / pocket books
Paperbacks or pocket books,
located at the ground floor, are for recreational and leisure reading which can also be used and loaned out.
How to Locate A Book?
2. As
first year and new students
, you are ask to fill up a
registration form
in setting up your library account in the database.
the library facilities
3. Having found the book you wish to borrow, present them to the staff at the circulation counter together with your

identification card
newly-processed books
Newly-processed books
, found at a separate area at the 3rd floor, showcases the library's current accruals and additions to the library collection. These materials can be used for room-used or for circulation.
The Library has facilities that would help you in your research needs:

security gate
bag depository boxes
reference and circulation counter
the librarian's office
the technical services office
the card catalog
online public access catalog (OPAC) / LS2PAC Book River
current awarenes services / library bulletin boards
photocopying services
computer rooms
reading rooms
library carrels
faculty reading room
audio-visual rooms
comfort rooms
book shelves ladders, stairs, and elevators
security gate
The library main door is equipped with a
sensing device
that detects library books that have not been properly checked out at the circulation counter. If the device sounds an alarm, the exiting client must return to the counter and allow his/her bag, briefcase, etc. to be inspected.
bag depository boxes
Bags, brief cases, knapsacks, umbrellas, food, drinks, etc. must be left in the
depository boxes
found near the entrance. Personal things and valuables can be kept in the deposit boxes with locks, upon request for the key at the Circulation Counter. Keys are for daily use only.
the card catalog
service card catalog
, available at the 3rd floor can be used as index to the library collection. Patrons who still find the card catalog easy to use can accessed the collection through the
Author, Subject and Title Cards
online public access catalog (OPAC)
Web Online Public Access Catalogs (WEB OPACS / OPACs)
found in strategic areas in all floors are also used as index to library collections aside from the service card catalogs to facilitate easy access and retrieval. Remote access of the catalog through the LST website (www.lst.edu) can also be done. Another feature of the OPAC, the
LS2PAC or Book River,
which shows the book covers of the latest accruals of the library, can also be used. Just follow the link in the library website page.
LS2PAC Book river
Library Web OPAC
photocopying services
photocopying and binding services
, located at the 3rd floor, provides service to patrons who wish to have a copy of a particular article, notes or chapters of book upon paying the pertinent photocopying and binding fees.
computer room
computer room
at the 3rd floor has 14 computers for internet and other research use. Printing services can also be availed at a minimum cost per page. Just ask the staff at the circulation counter about the service.
reference and circulation counter
All library transactions and inquiries are being done at the
Reference and Circulation Counter
located at the 3rd floor. For your research and informational needs or even just a little consultation, just approach the staff at the Counter.
librarian's office
Looking for the Head Librarian? She is at the
Librarian's Office
at the 3rd floor. For your concerns and suggestions, feel free to ask or pay her a visit whenever your time permits. When in doubt, ask the
technical services office
technical services office
at the 3rd floor takes charge of the book processing which includes

mechanical processing and subject cataloging before they become readily available to users through the library OPAC and the card catalog.
reading rooms
The library has
three (3) reading rooms
located at the 3rd floor of the library. The library opens the rooms one at a time. Having a sectionalized reading rooms serve a practical purpose especially with regards to saving electricity.
library carrels
Individual carrels
located at the different areas in the library offers a personalized studying aura. If you wish to study with your friends and classmates, the library also have bigger tables to accommodate a larger group.
faculty reading room
Faculty reading room
, situated at the 2nd floor, is designed for faculty and lecturers who wish to have a quiet place for study. Latest issues of periodical subscriptions, new books for consignment as well as new catalogs from publishers are also available at this room.
The Library has
three (3) cubicles
situated at the 2nd floor, are for students and faculty who are currently writing for their dissertations or theses and who wants to have a quiet and more peaceful place to write. The use of cubicles can be availed upon reservation and by writing a letter address to the librarian. Keys for these rooms are available at the Reference and Circulation Counter.
audio-visual rooms
The library has two
(2) audio-visual rooms (AVRs)
for students who wish to have discussions

with a larger group. There are also television and players located inside these rooms for non-print / multimedia materials.
wash rooms / comfort rooms
Ladies' and Men’s comfort rooms
are located on the Second Floor of the library. It is found on the right corner near the exit door. A Men’s Room can also be found at the Ground Floor.
book shelves ladders, library stairs, and elevator
Book Shelves Ladders,
found around the library, can be used to get books placed at the upper or top shelves for convenience.
Library stairs
are also used to reach different floors in the library.
current wareness services / library bulletin boards
Current awareness services
, which includes the
library bulletin boards
and the
library brochures
, keeps the entire LST community abreast with the latest updates about the library services and collection. Learn more about the library's latest happenings through its Facebook and Gmail account.
, at the computer room in 3rd floor, is a computer unit where an index to journals in CD-ROM can be accessed.
1. Search for the book either by
keywords, title, author, or subject
using the WEB OPAC or the service card catalog.

2. Check necessary details such as the
book description
shelf location
call number
, and

(AVAILABLE, CHECKED OUT, OVERDUE, BINDERY, IN PROCESSING, NON-CHECKED OUT). Get the call number and proceed to its shelf location.

3. Locate and retrieve the book by
call number
. The books are arranged alphabetically by call number.
How to Borrow A Book?
1. The borrowing and returning of books is handled by a
computerized circulation system
which is integrated with our computerized online public access catalog (OPAC).
How to Borrow A Book?
4. The Circulation staff will checked out the book under your name, stamp a due date in the due date slip and desentized the book to ensure passage at the security gate without sounding an alarm.
A student can borrow a maximum of ten (10) books for a period of fourteen (14) days.

5. In returning the book, present the book/s borrowed to the circulation staff together with your ID. If the book is overdue, the student will ask to pay
PhP 5.00 per day per book inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

6. Books can be renewed for another
two (2) weeks
unless no other borrower requested for that book. If that is the case, the book should be returned promptly.
How to Locate A Periodical / Journal?
1. Check the
on the list available at the
circulation counter
, and
Periodical Section
at the 2nd floor.

2. After checking the periodical title, locate the periodical at the 2nd floor (for bound periodicals) and current displays at the 3rd floor (for current issues).

3. Periodicals are for
room-used only
and can only be photocopied. For bound periodicals, get the periodical and replace it with a
dummy card
found at several shelves at the 2nd floor. Fill-up necessary details. Proceed to the photocopying services.
How to Search/Retrieve an Article in Online database?
1. Go to the library website page

(http://lst.edu/about-us/ralph-gehring-library) and click ATLA/CPLI.

2. You will be asked to log-in your
username and password
. Ask the librarian for your username and password.

3. Type in your search keywords at the search box. Results of your search will be displayed.

4. Click the
PDF icon
to download the article. You can send it to your email accounts or print a copy.
Lost / Damaged Books
In case a
book is lost /damaged
,the borrower will be asked to look for a
replacement or pay for the cost of the book.
Users will be required to pay for the
processing fee
to cover expenses for barcode sticker, spine label, and date due slip.
Issuing of Clearances
Students who have not
returned overdue books
or who have
overdue fines
unpaid reimbursement charges
, are not allowed to register in the next term.
Delinquent cross-registrants
are not given clearances for the release of their grades and/or transcripts. Offenders who are about to finish their studies in LST cannot not be given clearance for graduation as well as for the release of their grades, transcripts, and diplomas.
Connect with us!
Loyola School of Theology
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights
1108 Quezon City, Philippines
Mail: P.O. Box 240, U.P. Post Office
1144 Quezon City, Philippines
Ralph B. Gehring Library Staff
Ms. April R. Manabat, RL, BLIS
Head Librarian
Ralph B. Gehring Library Staff
Mrs. Guada Buenavista
Circulation Staffs
Ralph B. Gehring Library Staff
Mrs. Ester Dayandante
Mrs. Angie Dayandante
Technical Services Staffs
Mrs. Analyn Laudez
Ralph B. Gehring Library Staff
Mr. Norlando Garito
Mrs. Anafe Paya
Photocopying Staff (outsourced)
Thank You!
Tel.: (63 2) 426-6430 to 35 loc. 3631
Fax: (63 2) 426-5967
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