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Alizah Charaniya

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Preparatory Academy of Colleyville Alizah C, Sari C., Joyce M., Taylor T., Will H,
Daniel S, Joseph S., Souvik B. Aesthetics Curriculum Teaching Bibliography + Works Cited What does a Graduate look like? Administration THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING THE PREPATORY ACADEMY OF COLLEYVILLE! Graduating from PAC, a student will have learned the skills necessary to either go to college or even begin a career if they choose. They will have acquired project based learning skills, critical thinking skills, technology skills, skills special to the career they would like to pursue, college credits, learn how to work well with others, and presentation skills. 9th Grade Core
Curriculum 10th Grade Core
Curriculum The Preparatory Academy of Colleyville (PAC) will produce motivated, capable, and resourceful leaders of tomorrow through rigorous and creative classroom learning, project based learning, and real-world training in a supportive and nurturing environment. 11th Grade Core
Curriculum 12th Grade Core
Curriculum Required Credits In order to reduce the environmental impact of our school, we would install solar panels on the roof.
A new floor specifically for the CATE Curriculum, located above the F Hall, would be built.
A new schedule would be created for increased preventive maintenance in the kitchen, lighting, and HVAC systems.
School colors are blue and black
Mascot is the immortal jellyfish Technology will be incorporated into every classroom
Project based learning encourages teamwork and project management skills
New, innovative method to educate students that is not regimented like traditional classroom instruction Budget 85% 10% 5% Each department will recieve money for the necesities of their program, anything extra will be determine after Schedule Period Time 1/5
4/8 9:20-10:35
2:40-3:50 Each student shall have no more thatn two core classes a day Can change under certain circumstances Job Expectations and Descriptions need a degree, references, background checks, experience, new teacher-based on student teaching, Avoid teachers who just give worksheets and tell students to figure it out themselves, need a mixture of lecture/traditional teaching and student driven assignments; all or nothing approach is the problem, Provide teachers with mentors; new teacher academy, Instructional coaches help struggling teachers,
Benefits- dental, vision, health insurance, disability, life insurance,
Salary- based on experience and degree , long term gets bonus Counselor- as a counselor it is your job to help students decide which classes are best for them. A counselor should never tell a student that they should take a lower level class unless said student has taken a higher level class and failed. It is the counselors responsibility to make sure the students know which career and technology classes are available. Every counselor should be able to give a brief description for these classes. Counselors should also be able to help student emotionally. If a student has an issue they wish to discuss, counselors should be able to listen with an open mind and give a none bias solution. Attendance Office - these working in the attendance are responsible for maintaining student attendance records. This includes, but is not limited to, recording and applying notes that excused absences, recording notes about unexcused absences, recording excused absences for field trips, writing passes for students how have permission to leave early or arrive late, giving students notices when they are approaching their absence limit and Assistant Principal Supervise Athletics and Activites:
Ensure that all coaches are in compliance with UIL Rules
Ensure that all coaches are in compliance with GCISD Rules/Expectations
Ensure that all of our athletic facilities are ready for practice and competition
Ensure that a supervisor is at each home event throughout the year
Hosts signing of athletics for when they sign their College Letter of Intent
Meet with parents that have athletic concerns/issues
Oversee all of the activites/clubs/fine arts on campus- (school sponsored clubs/PALS/Student Council/Red Jackets, etc)
Oversee programs (theatre/band/choir/yearbook/journalism)
Ensure that all school groups are in compliance with GCISD Rules/Standards
Oversee Pep Rallies and Special Events (sr. nights, open houses, etc...) Senior Events: Responsible for:
Field Day
Powder Puff Scheduling of Campus Facilities
Schedule all events at CHHS (CHHS events and all outside groups)
Keep school calendar of events Teacher Evaluations
Evaluate approximately 30 teachers Maintenance and Facilities
Oversee the the maintenance of the building
Oversee custodians
Work with contractors and architects Schedule Pick Up:
Responsible for schedule pick up in August English Dept.
Supervise the English Department
Support teacher learning
Support student learning in this area- responsible for test scores/failure rate etc..
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