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Trevor G

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of StompOutMalariaKenya

Stomp Out Malaria
Stomping Out Malaria is a Peace Corps initiative aimed at supporting the effort to eliminate malaria from Africa
Like Peace Corps it has three goals
Goal 1
Reduce malaria where we work
Universal bed net coverage and
malaria prevention programs in all PCV sites by 2013
Goal 2
Contribute to the reduction
of malaria in target countries
contribute to partner
efforts to achieve the milestone of zero deaths in Africa by 2015
Goal 3
Help build an online community of
malaria prevention workers

Promote documentation and sharing of malaria
prevention practices internationally.
So what's being done so far?
So what about Kenya ?
Stomp What?
Stomp Out Malaria
The PC Niche
Malaria Prevalence in Kenya
Action plans
Malaria Partners
is the key partner for stomping out malaria.
PMI is a joint initiative of the CDC and USAID
and is responsible for all malaria prevention
work by US government agencies
is a global non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing on serious challenges like family planning, HIV/AIDS, malaria, contaminated water and threats to maternal and child health.
Neem Cream Production
Malaria Boot Camps
for PCRV and 3rd Year
Bed Net
Distribution Campaigns
Work with partners to
create an integrated system
for drug procurement
and distribution
Assisting in the coordination
and facilitation of training activities
for health workers and students
Theatre troupes with
malaria prevention education
Plan a World Malaria Day event (4-25)
Design a Household Survey
Describe the current Malaria situation at your site
Create a Radio Commercial
Develop a Project in a Box
Develop a childrens educational campaign
3 things you can do today
1. Like the Facebook page
2. Follow us on Twitter
3 things you can do once you get back to site
1. Conduct Household Net Survey
The mosquito bonk
So, what's in the field?
Well.. that depends
Coast, Western, Nyanza.... get ready to pull your bootstraps up.
Rift Valley
Advocacy, Communication, Social Mobilization (ACSM)
DMCCs (District Malaria Control Coordinators)
Case Management
Surveillance (few districts)
Case Management
Bednets to pregnant women and children < 1yr.
Indoor Residual Spraying
Intermittent Preventitive Treatment pregnant women
CBOs and CHWs
Case Management
Pregnant women should receive at least two doses of SP at their ANC visits. Encouraged to take every 4wks from 16wks-labor.
Division of Malaria Control
Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Malaria Epidemiological
Malaria by the Numbers
Where can you get nets
clinic visit children >1yr
mass distribution
3. Advocate
2. Meet the DMCC in your area
3. ???????
Asante Sane
Make up your own
Globally - 247 million cases
Africa - 212 million cases, 801,000 deaths (most are children)
91% total malaria deaths occur in Africa

That is like wiping out the population of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota or Alaska. Every Year.

See ya later, Vermont....
34% of outpatient hospital visit are malaria related
Malaria in Kenya
76% of Kenyan pop. is at risk for Malaria
Top Five Countries for Malaria Numbers
1. Nigeria
2. DRC
3. Ethiopia
4. Tanzania
5. Kenya
Malaria Eradication and the Peace Corps
An estimated 27,165 ppl died from malaria in 2010
Suspected cases (2010) = ~8 MILLION
National Control Policy & Interventions
Bednet distribution campaign to achieve universal coverage
Indoor Residual Spraying
Case Management
Post's strategy for malaria prevention
Total domination.
Christina worked with her local district medical office to put on an awesome World Malaria Day
Ryan and Lussia have trained over 1,000 community members on malaria!
Plasmodium falciparum
#1 Killer
Primary cause of severe and cerebral malaria
Plasmodium vivax
Primary cause of chronic or recurrent malaria
+ 3 less common strains of Plasmodium
This is the one we care about!
This one Too
Malarial Parasites
Malaria Vector
P. falciparum is carried from person to person by the female Anopheles mosquito. Transmission is generally at night – the Anopheles primary feeding hours.

And they’re terrifying up close…
Some Anopheles Facts:
The Transmission Cycle - Humans
Plasmodium enters the body and
to the liver
While it’s in the liver, you are NEITHER
symptomatic NOR contagious
This can last 1-4 weeks*

*Which is why you can be feeling fine when
you get on the plane and two weeks of
partying with your friends in NYC later…
you start to feel sick.
From the liver, parasite begins infecting red blood cells
Parasites burst out killing the red blood cells and releasing toxins (→ fever, headache, nausea, body-aches, etc.)
At roughly the same time, you first become infectious. This is why you should seek care early!
Red blood cells infected with P. falciparum
The Mosquito and the Damage Done
Malaria infected red blood cells clotting in the brain
Cerebral Malaria
Red blood cells sticking to blood vessels in the brain can cause clotting, mini-strokes, coma, and death. Quickly.
Most commonly seen in non-immune individuals*
*Take your prophylaxis
Severe Anemia
Anemia is an insufficiency of RBCs… whose job it is to bring oxygen to the internal organs…
Symptoms include extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, and in extreme cases seizures, coma and death.
Dragging Down Africa
Malaria in childhood can lead to impaired cognitive development = lower IQ
Malaria is the leading cause of school age absenteeism in Africa
Jeffrey Sachs and other economists estimate that malaria drains 1.3 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP annually roughly $13 billion
Senegal PCV, Ben G., uses 196 rice sacks to demonstrate
the malaria burden in his village on WMD, 2012
Seasonal Risk
Coast Endemic
Take blood meals between 8 pm and 2 am (ish!!)
What could we do to protect people between 8 and 2?

Rest to digest on the upper third of interior walls

Have many breeding sites (e.g., donkey hoof prints)
Larviciding all possible breeding sites is not feasible

Lay eggs in fresh, NOT dirty, water

Can travel for kilometers (~around 2 kilometers)
Empirical evidence shows that brush clearing around homes has NO EFFECT on malaria
Homework assignment
Bednet =
Group Discussion/Activity:
1. What do community members need to know about malaria transmission? Discuss key points.
2. Design an educational tool you could use to educate your community about one or more of the key points you have discussed.
Things to keep in mind:
What group are you targeting? How do you access them? What types of education tools would they respond to?
1. 3000 field based volunteers
2. Networking Capability
3. Captive Audience
4. Community Integration and Language Proficiency
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