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Big Data in banking

Please enjoy my Big Data presentation

Lisa Russel

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Big Data in banking

Big Data in Banking
Current Development & Issues
Emerging Issues
Current Practices
Future Direction
Increased technology use
2.5 gbs pd or 2.7 ebs pa
volume + variety + velocity
reduced interest rates
tighter regulation
unstable financial markets
Banks are facing:
future proof
real time transations and analysis
Product Development
siloed legacy systems
analysis is critical to success
banks heavily regulated
open agile systems required
Skilled workers
4 million jobs
no-one to fill roles
can use some data - not social media
need to convince customers
how long?
Silos of data
decentralised disconnected pockets
Creating silos
strategic asset and differentiator
Structured vs Unstructured
structured = 2 dimensional and historic
big data adds a further dimension

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