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NMO 0313

No description

Walt Tressler

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of NMO 0313

New Manager Onboarding New Manager Onboarding Raising the bar on management practices

New Managers
Direct Managers
Human Resources Congratulations and tutorials

Overview of NMO experience

Transitioning from IC to manager

NM contact DM and team Getting Familiar Developing Your Team Direct Manager Getting Started
Getting Familiar
Becoming a Team
Developing your Team Getting Started Tipsheets
Workflow Direct Manager Transition Planning
Communication Skills
PPA Planning
Performance Management New Manager Transition Planning
BF150 and Arrow
Thinking as a Manager
New Leader Integration Meeting
Get to know team members
Required Training
Key Policies
Management Style
Performance Management Cycle- Self PPA Check in with NM
Recognize Short Term Wins
Survey/Feedback Manager Portal Tipsheets
Suggested Reading
Key Policies Becoming a Team Direct Manager Continue Performance Management Cycle
Open Door
Resources New Manager Performance Management Cycle - Team
Management Skills
Forming a Team
Engagement Practices
Select a Mentor HR Check in with NM and DM New Manager Teambuilding
BBU from Managers Persepctive
Brand U Toolkit
Meeting and Facilitation skills
Project Management
Change Management
Career Smart
Career Profile
PPA Check in
Recognize Short Term Wins
Survey and Feedback HR Check in with NM and DM Global Resource
All Managers
24/7 Team Walt Tressler
Ashley Stroud
Cecilia Arvidson Schnoor
Sarah Kruer
Mary Ann Ott
Veronica Cheung
Missy Norris
Sharon Meade
Chelsey Duncan Amy Wisotsky
Elayne Noltemeyer
Teri Cirillo
Linda Eastes
Coleen Morris
Rebecca Bratcher
Cathy Hearld
Miguel Valdes Project Plan Current State and Best Practices - Complete
Content Development - Complete
Workflow and Portal - April 19
Team Testing/Develop Training -April -23
Pilot Testing - June 15
Communicate - June 21
Global launch - June 24 April 2013 Background New Managers sometimes struggle with the transition from individual contributor to manager or from managing people in previous company's culture to managing at B-F. Individual Contributors People Managers Personal Contributions
Technical Skills
Personal Time Management
Personal Development Inspire Team Contributions
People Skills
Team Development
Goal and Agenda Setting
Emotional Intelligence Objectives Shorten the time it takes for new managers to begin succssfully managing their team

Raise the bar on people management practices at B-F Provide support, resources and training for new managers, emphasizing essential people management skills

Provide a consistent online tool, available globally

Engage new managers, their managers and HR

Make portal resources available to all managers Method Scope Includes Interactive Solution
Globally Relevant Content Does not Include Information not related to people management
Local Content
SAP Integration HR Assign Connector
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