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"Drive & Impact Innovation with Customer Insight"

Webinar held by Elena Ozeritskaya - Fresh Insight

Elena Ozeritskaya

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of "Drive & Impact Innovation with Customer Insight"

All consumers with different lifestyles, needs, values and beliefs...
"Drive & Impact Innovation with
Customer Insight"

The importance of having Customer Insight
Ready to drive & impact Innovation with Customer Insight?
7 Billion people in the world Today
Why you should invest in Customer Insight
Most companies and people working in marketing and innovation already believe they use Customer Insight. They refer to be “Insight driven” and “Customer focussed”
Customer Insight - the moment of TRUTH
How to gain Customer Insight

An insight consists of the 3W’s:
1) What is the Customer Doing?
2) Why are they doing it?
3) Wow - nobody has ever noticed
or talked at such detail about that
problem before!
“On a night out women in general don’t drink beer and find the quality of the wine to variable– Heineken introduced Jillz a sparkling cider drink as an alternative”

What is an insight and how do we know we got a good one?
Customer Insight: what makes it different from ordinary market research data?
STANDARD market research data is what we call BIG DATA coming from databases and quantitative surveys that give us a lot of information on current product usage from customers and can have quite detailed information on what, when, how, where, but very little information about the WHY?
CUSTOMER INSIGHTS data is around the WHY, the drivers, motivations, (unmet) needs, concerns, wishes, it’s qualitative SMALL DATA, operating in the customer psychology space and tells you what customers’ fundamental concerns and “hidden” needs are and what opportunities these represent for marketing and development
Customer/Retail level
Trend reports
Customized Research (qual & quant)
Internal Data
Methodologies that are most effective in gaining “hidden” insights
How to gain valuable
Customer Insights?
Private online community: case study KLM

400 Flying Blue Elite members
When IBM first engaged with the exchange traders they received a list of requirements, after prototyping the device was found too heavy and too large!
Etnography : case study IBM

“Observing is better than asking. “A conclusion IBM made when creating a new handheld device based on the experience of floor traders in New York
Staff/clinical team conducted discovery interviews with patients and carers:

Many “unknown” area’s of improvements found

Increase in team and individual confidence

New knowledge gained that influences their own practice
Storytelling: case study Health Care
“Hearth Disease Collaborative” & Storytelling - discovery interview
How to drive & impact Innovation with Customer Insight
“Stop using the shampoo of your wive – Andrelon campaign”
Opportunity assessment: STEP 2 evaluate the value

A GOOD and USEFULL Insight is:



Dannon Yogurt
In a "must be good for you" story it was noted that many men and women in Soviet Georgia live past the ripe old age of 100. Many of these citizens eat a lot of yogurt and so, because trying to uncover a "fountain of youth" is a fundamental human endeavour, tying a particular habit to longevity tends to make it very attractive to the consumer. The French drink red wine, the Italians use olive oil, and Soviet Georgians eat yogurt. "Just ask Temur Vanacha who has been eating yogurt for 105 years! Stuff must be good!" - and that insight was good for Dannon. Sales grew for 14 years!
The impact of a valuable Customer Insight ; case study Dannon
Dove is nowadays a very successful brand in personal care for women
In 2003 Unilever made an extraordinary discovery and found that 76% of the women wanted the idea of beauty to be changed and through ethnographic studies they found out how they wanted it to be changed…. The valuable insights were used to reposition Dove and provide the brand with double digit growth of sales for years!
The impact of a valuable Customer Insight; case study Dove
Customer Insight: where it can make an impact in your business?
6. Launch
4. Capability
3. Feasibility
5. Go-to-market
Customer satisfaction measurement
Marketing communication activities
Customer feedback to “full offer”
Development launch campaign
Customer feedback first prototypes
Refinement of prototypes
Concept testing at Customer level
Customer input and insight for product/service development
Idea generation
Defining new business opportunities
Concept development
Customer Insight: how it can make an impact in your business?
2. Ideation
Customer Segmentation
Private online community
Story telling
Benefit-Cue Explorative Research
Customer Segments - case study Alfa Romeo Guilietta
Car industry: 5 consumer segments in 1960 up to 15 in 2012

Discover new segments and their "hidden"needs, customer insights

Guilietta targetting a very specific women's segment: the "sophisticated, independant, high -profile 30-something women "
Opportunity Assessment

Insights- Based Ideation

Brand Development

Concept & Offer development

Marketing & Advertising
A consumer insight is best expressed in the words of the target. This forces you to consider it from their emotional needs.

A famous insight from the world of Travel and Tourism:

“My life is so confined, so monotonous. I have work, family responsibilities, more work… it’s relentless. I need a break. I need to cut loose. I’ve got a whole other side of me wanting to break free… and it’ll break free even more if no one knows about it!”
Opportunity assessment: STEP 1 write down your Insights
Semiotics - example of signs and cultures
What does this sign mean?
"OK" in the USA
"Money" in Japan
"Sex" in Mexico
"Homosexual" in Ethiopie
"Zero" in Southern France
"An obscenity" in Brazil
"Getting dirty is learning"
Mum " My kids learn by getting dirty, playing and discovering new things. Naturally they get their clothes dirty while playing. Therefore, every stain is actually a learning opportunity."
Observations-learnings from Insight studies:
Stains with a purpose and reason can be acceptable
You learn life by making mistakes
Dirt is not a problem as long there is a solution
If there is learning dirt can be tolerated
Imbed Customer Insight into your organisation
Establish an effective Insight team
Develop Leadership & Culture for Customer Insight
Fresh Insight has the mission to drive & impact your Business with Customer Insight and offers you:

Consult, coach and train the Customer Insight teams to become Effective & Successful

Contact details:
Elena Ozeritskaya
Fresh Insight - Elena Ozeritskaya - founded mid 2012 in The Netherlands

Mission to drive and impact Innovation with Customer Insight

Offer consulting, training & coaching - also ONLINE!

Over 10 years of experience in customer/consumer insight & innovation management within various industries as Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Fresh Produce
Introduction Fresh Insight
Conceptualization: Brand & Offer Development
"Getting dirty is learning"
It's key to involve your customers in every stage of your innovation funnel from insight generation to idea creation, concept development, offer development and evaluation. The most successful innovations start from a Customer Insight!
Build a Customer Centric Innovation Funnel
Innovation award 2012 for the Angello "Sweet & Seedless Pepper"- guided this project from insight into ideation untill launch responsible for consumer insight and innovation management.
Involved in development of Consumer Insight for "Dirt is Good" and supported the launch of several successful products as Persil Small & Mighty with Consumer Insight
Set up Consumer Insight capabilities within Syngenta:
Insight strategy plans
Private online community
People skills
Consumer driven Innovation platform
Insight activation-Ideation workshops
Knowledge management
Ready to make your Business more Customer Centric and Insightfull?
Benefit - Cue Explorative Research

Tablet All-in-One
Shine for glasses
Salt for dishwasher maintenance
Anti-whitening to protect your glasses
Metal protection
Extra cleaning Power
No dirty hands
The building blocks for Customer Insight:
Clearly defined company aim & objectives
Customer driven Marketing and R&D - innovation funnel
Organized and accessible data with good knowlegde management
The right people in the insight team
Work co-operatively
Define a clear insight strategy
Align with the organisation's needs
Good communication skills are key!
Centralized - Decentralized model: centralize skills but imbedd team members physically into business units
Show confidence in added value
Big team, broad skills and business partners
Evaluate your Customer Insights to metrics that matter
•Messages that are
•Benefits that are
in the product or the brand – yielding greater marketing efficiency and likelihood of message breakthrough
•Claims and Cues that are
; that is, they ‘play nice together’ to exert even greater influence on consumer behavior
•An overall positioning that is
; that is, a brand will be seen as successfully able to deliver on the benefits/promises being made
Crisis =
"Moment of Truth"
Your Goals
"Do the right things"
"Do the things right"
Fresh Insight can support you in the implementation of your Strategic Insight plan:
Developing Customer Insight capabilities in-house:

Set up an infrastructure, define the right methodologies, processes and platforms

Create an ongoing process for Insight generation
Fresh Insight can drive Insight Activation, Ideation & Offer development:
Translate consumer data into "Insight platforms"

Drive Ideation workhops and concept development with Customer Insight

Feed Innovation projects (Marketing and R&D) with Customer Insight
Insight based Ideation: Start with Insight Activation
and develop Insight Platforms
Analyses of your current situation, identifying " Insight GAP's"

Strategic Insight plan with alignment of Business objectives
Fresh Insight can support you in creating "Insightfull managers"
Develop Customer Insight skills within the R&D, Marketing and Sales community
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