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Tears Of A Tiger Character Study Project

By: Justin Fleming and Clarence Young

Cj Wood

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Tears Of A Tiger Character Study Project

Tears Of A Tiger: Character Study Project By: Justin Fleming & Clarence Young Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Conflicts Man vs. Self Internal
Andy vs. Andy
Andy had this conflict because he wants to blame himself for Rob's death and he beats himself up mentally about how he can't live with the pain. Change/ Character Development Andy's Change
In the beginning of the story Andy changes from having fun, very energized, and a basketball star to being depressed and always emotional around mid part of the story. Andy was all fine until the death of his best friend Robert Washington. Every since then, Andy faces depression and faces things that always make him sad and think about Rob. Around the end of book Andy was steal dealing with depression. He never was happy unless he was hanging with his girlfriend Keisha. But later on he couldn't take it no more and commits suicide. Good character traits that describes Andy is lost, confused, sad, depressed, and suicidal. Characterization Andy Jackson Man vs. Man External
Andy vs. Keisha
Andy had problems with Keisha she got sick and tired of him acting depressed all the time and they could never have any fun. Man vs. Society External
Andy vs. Society
Andy had a conflict with society because after the death of Rob, people was putting stuff on his locker and calling him a killer. Quotes by Andy that describe his character.
"Cause I'm depressed. But I don't need a smart black shrink.I'm fine. School is fine. Everythin's just cool. Can I go now?"pg.42
"Cause it was my fault that Rob died."pg.43
Kids were leaving notes on his locker calling him a killer. He felt bad because he didn't mean to kill him it was just by an accident.
Later on in the book his girlfriend Keisha breaks up with him and he wanted to talk to her the day he commits suicide. And yes he commits suicide and half of its her fault because she decided not to talk to him. Andy character starts to look like a totally different person. He was always cool and energized half the time but since his best friend Rob died he started acting so emotional and depressed, leaving out of class because he cant handle a story about Macbeth. The story was related to what happened what happened to Rob and between Andy. He felt guilty and depressed and left.
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