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Abstract Art Style

What is abstract art and how it influences fashion, architecture, and furniture

Chloe Iurillo

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Abstract Art Style

Abstract Art Style Chloe and Shreya
Period 3 Abstract art was artistic independence from the art
of the time period. Whereas regular art, you
painted what you saw, but with abstract,
you could make whatever you wanted to. "Lines of Beauty"
By: Chidi Okoye Now, in the 21st century, you are more likely to see fashion inspired by abstract art. Most people don't dress in abstract clothing on a regular basis, unless you are someone famous like Lady GaGa. Abstract fashion is crazy looking and anything but normal. Abstract Fashion Icon:
Lady GaGa Bubble Dress Grammy Dress Meat Dress Abstract art influenced architecture through the shapes and colors. Lots of modern buildings reflect abstract art like this building. This building was made by collage students inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright Abstract Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture was influenced by abstract art. Although he admits he doesn't like abstract art style. Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Beth Shalom Abstract Furniture Abstract furniture is like a sculpture because just because it's furniture doesn't mean you can actually use it. A lot of the time it is just used for decoration. The End
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