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The Social MEDia Course: The Google Story

The history and use of Google tools

Bertalan Mesko, MD

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of The Social MEDia Course: The Google Story

The Google Story
Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD
Medical Futurist
Brought to you by
Take home messages
Google tools can really ease our lives
Learn to search properly and choose the right services
Know about the privacy issues and be aware of what information and how you share online
Get familiar with Google because they rule the web and know how close you can let them get to you.
Thank you for the attention!
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A website almost everyone knows who has ever been online
A few facts
32,400 full-time employees

Fortune Magazine's #1 Best Place to Work.

According to Millward Brown, it is the second most powerful brand in the world.
January 1996
Google is a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (PhD students at Stanford University, USA)
September 15, 1997
Google.com domain name is registered
September 4, 1998
The company was incorporated
August, 2001
May 2011
Timeline of Google
Eric Schmidt becomes the CEO and agrees to work at Google for 20 years
Google began selling advertisements associated with search keywords
They bought the popular online video site YouTube for $1.65 billion
1 billion monthly unique visitors to Google
The name
Google originates from misspelling the word

(the number one followed by one hundred zeros)

It was meant to signify that the search engine provides large quantities of information for people
First funding: USD

Revenue in 2012: USD
$50 billion
The first production server
1 million
servers in 2010
The Basics
The Idea
"to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful"
"Don't be evil"
The workplace
The main philosophy

enabling engineers to spend one day a week working on projects that aren't necessarily in their job descriptions.
What exactly does Google do?
„Our job is to basically change the engines on a plane that is flying at 1,000 kilometers an hour, 30,000 feet above Earth.”
And it does it well:
The search engine
You can make the results personalized
Based on what websites link to yours and what websites link to them and so on, a numerical value is assigned to each website that helps determining the search results
Google Instant lets you search real-time
Does Google modify results?
When it's obvious what you're looking for, it tries to give you the best answer/information immediately
Do you use Google products?
Google News
Read personalized news easily
Google Images
Find medical images
Google Scholar
Find medical papers and patents
Google Drive
Work on documents simultaneously
Watch medical videos as well
Google Earth
Lets you fly anywhere on Earth
Google Maps
Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions
Google Calendar
Schedule meetings or let your patients schedule appointments
Google Trends
Explore advanced features or even flu trends across the US
Google Groups
Create e-mail groups to communicate better
Service for sending, receiving, tagging e-mails
"Google Flu Trends is not as accurate at estimating rates of laboratory-confirmed influenza as CDC national surveillance programs, according to a new study from the University of Washington."
Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity.
Google Alerts
E-mail updates of the latest relevant Google results
Google Translate
Free online language translation service
Google Fight
Compare the number of results for two competing keywords
Some closed projects
Google Knol (tried to beat Wikipedia)
Google Lively (tried to beat Second Life)
Is Google evil?
Possible misuse of search results?
Danger of page rank manipulation?
Potential for data disclosure?
Google +
A social network for following and sharing with professionals and colleagues
Google Refine can clean your scientific data
Link in the hand-out
Early 2012, Google unified its different privacy policies
Googling for a diagnosis—use of Google as a diagnostic aid: internet based study
Internet based study using Google to search for diagnoses; researchers were blind to the correct diagnoses.

Google searches revealed the
correct diagnosis in 15 cases out of 26
Social network Google+ is launched
How to get better?
They provide a task every day.
You try to find the answer. That’s it.
Google adds new dimension to online health information searches
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