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Hero's Journey:Back To The Future


Emma Thron

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey:Back To The Future

Back To The Future

Back To The Future
Hero's Journey&Archetypes
Emma Thron P.3

Hero's Journey
Call To Adventure
Hero's Journey
Refusal to the Call
Hero's Journey
Crossing the first Threshold
Hero's Journey
Tests, Allies, Enemies
Hero's Journey
Meeting with the Mentor
Heros's Journey
1. Ordinary World

Amblin Entertainment
Robert Zemeckis
Marty's normal world before the story begins. We learn about his home, family & problems
The Hero
Marty McFly
Mentor, Trickster & Herald
Dr. Emmett Brown
Doc calls Marty and tells him to meet at the Twin Pines Mall to show him his latest invention.
Before making it into the time machine, Doc gets shot by Libyan terrorists for stealing their plutonium,which he needed to fuel the DeLorean.
After traveling back to 1955, Marty seeks out Doc to help him return to the future using his own invention.
Marty takes the time machine back to 1955 in order to try and save Doc from his death in 1985
Marty meets all of his allies & enemies during his first day in 1955. He meets his father George McFly & his enemy Biff.
George McFly
Lorraine Baines
Hero's Journey
This is when Marty faces his major setbacks and tests. He meets Lorraine, who is really his mother and learns that she likes him.
Hero's Journey
This is the climax of the story when Marty tries to make his mother and father fall in love at the school dance.
Hero's Journey
The reward of this journey is when George and Lorraine kiss at the dance.
Hero's Journey
The Road Back
The road back is the journey from the Special world in1955 back to the Original world in 1985
Hero's Journey
When Marty return back to his home, he wakes up to find out that his family's future changed for the better because of him.
Hero's Journey
Return with Elixir
Everyone in Marty's life in the new 1985 is changed for the better and as the final reward, they can continue on with their lives
The main character of the movie, and the person who learns something throughout the story
Original 1985 movie trailer
George becomes the shadow because throughout the story, he changes masks and feared by Marty for changing the way he met Lorraine.
Lorraine becomes the shapeshifter because in 1985 she is married and has a family with George. Once Marty goes the the past, Lorraine starts to fall for Marty, changing the future.
Threshold Guardian
Time itself would be the threshold guardian because it protects the Special world(1955) & is a test provided for Marty.
Doc is the mentor, trickster, & herald because he provides guidance for Marty, while using tricks and jokes. He also announces the coming of the significant change.
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