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Best Practices and Good Ideas

No description

Andrew Connery

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Best Practices and Good Ideas

I want more accurate stats on students' Content interaction
Set completion settings to Manual, and allow students to mark as complete
I want the formatting of my content webpages to be consistent
Create a master webpage that includes all your styles, and make new pages by copying from that template
I want to make large videos available to my students
Upload and publish them using Kaltura
I want to create a simple webcam video (e.g. welcome message)

Use the webcam recorder in Kaltura from Insert Stuff > My Media
I want to provide contextual information about my videos and other external resources
Embed them into dedicated pages or other webpages and provide descriptions, etc.

I want to easily and quickly upload and download multiple files to/from Manage Files
Use zip files, or a WebDAV client for file synchronization (Cyberduck, AnyClient)

I want to add contextual information to my Content topics and modules to make them more discoverable
Add descriptions to modules and topics

I want to ensure maximum security of my online quizzes
Use Respondus LockDown Browser. Use a password. Use IP filtering. Randomize questions and possible responses. Limit the time.
I want to easily share images, videos, and files and have students comment on them.
Create and use a VoiceThread

I want to keep my course files and components organized
Delete extraneous navigation bars and homepages. Organize Manage Files using folders. Identify folders for drag-and-drop.

Follow the College standard for navigation bar layout and Content organization

I want to ease my marking and be consistent with grades
Create and use a rubric using eLearn's rubric tool.
Blind grade.
I want to minimize student questions about grades
Maintain the gradebook. Don't hide grade items. Update regularly, release all grade items as they are earned, release Final Grade item.
I want to reduce the amount of email in my course
Encourage the use of the Pager, Chat, and Discussions tools, and use the News tool for announcements

I want to ensure consistency between multiple course offerings and among multiple instructors
Use a Master course as a repository. Update after each delivery. Always copy from the Master.

I want my students to get real-time course updates
Encourage students to subscribe to Notifications. Set up SMS and/or email notifications for News and other items.

I want to get at-a-glance information on how students are engaged in my course
Use View User Progress and configure it to display the indicators you want

I want my students to easily collaborate on a shared document
Create a shared Google document or Padlet, and link to it in Content

I want to maximize the discoverability of course content and activities
I want to video capture and publish the activities in my classroom
Use Capture@Mohawk (Panopto)to record, edit, and publish class activities
I want to create and publish polished, edited video tutorials of my course content
Use Camtasia Studio to record, edit and encode. Use Kaltura to publish.
I want to provide a clear, explicit learning path for my students

Integrate course activities (Discussions, Quizzes, Dropbox assignments, etc.) inline with content in the Content tool
(do you have any?)

I want my videos to be more accessible
Request captioning for your Kaltura and Capture (Panopto) videos
Here are a number of configurations, tips, and practices that will help ensure that your eLearn course spaces are

easy to navigate, discover, and use for your students, and
tidy, organized, and easy to manage.
I want my course gradebook to include ALL my graded quizzes and assignments (not just digital)
Create Dropboxes for all your assignments, including non-digital.
Create grade items for hand-in assignments and quizzes.
I want my deter plagiarism on written assignments.
Configure your Dropboxes to automatically check submissions with Turnitin.
Embed the Plagiarism tutorial.

I want to personalize the News posts for my students
Use the {firstname} replacement string in your post
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