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Goodbye Dominican Republic

PCV end of service goodbye

Ashley Gardner

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Goodbye Dominican Republic

Goodbye waterfalls
Goodbye beautiful beaches and sea
Goodbye mountain views
Goodbye clear rivers where I freeze

Goodbye year round mosquitos
Goodbye tiny bugs
Goodbye mosquitero
Goodbye tiguere thugs
Goodbye bolas
Goodbye moto rides
Goodbye cinco en la cocina
Goodbye carro rides
Goodbye Dominican baseball games
Goodbye Licey Tigres
Goodbye Estadia Quisqueya
Goodbye canned Presidente
Goodbye domino playing
Goodbye bachata dancing
Goodbye pretty Little liars (dubbed in spanish)
Goodbye merengué dancing
Goodbye Prince Royce
Goodbye Romeo
Goodbye Zacarias
Goodbye DEMBOWS!
Goodbye Ron
Goodbye Bohemia and Brahma
Goodbye Presidente
Goodbye Mamajuana
Goodbye everything fried
Goodbye delicious jugo
Goodbye rice, beans and PEAS
Goodbye fritos
Goodbye 10 peso coca cola
Goodbye chips and queso
Goodbye granola bars
Goodbye vacation doritos

Goodbye Juan Dolio
Goodbye Rincon
Goodbye Esmeralda
Goodbye Fronton
Goodbye Peace Corps office
Goodbye dinamicas
Goodbye Whereabouts
Goodbye flota
Goodbye Cambita
Goodbye Dominican family
Goodbye avocados
Goodbye Coni
Goodbye Dominican Republic, thanks for 2 great years,
Love Ashley

As it is the end of my service and therefore no more need for this blog. I have to say although it has been a rollercoaster of emotions, I'm so glad I committed to doing Peace Corps and 2 years. An adventure I could not have experienced otherwise. A chance to live in another culture and be taken in as part of community is unsurpassed. Plus I got sent to a Caribbean island which had some perks. To sign off I leave with this prezi.
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