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Flowers and Plants

No description

Jack Richburg

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Flowers and Plants

Plants A review
game 1. What are Flowering
plants also called? 1. Angie
flowers. 2.What plants have a
protective cone for
their seeds? 2. There are no flowers
the gym 3.Break down
trophism 3. Tropic=Energy
Ism=React to 4. Which way does
pholem flow? Xylem? 4. Pholem
up and
Xylem up only 5. Where is
in plants? 5. Flowers 6. What is the difference
between dependent and independent variables? 6. I
am in CONTROL of my
experiment. 7. Why do roots
grow down? 7. Think wells...
Water 8. What controls the gas exchange in a plant? 8. Pores are Doors.....
Stomata 9. What is the
environment like
in the Tundra? 9. Cold, wintery 10.What part of the
plant does photosynthesis occur? 10. Leaf 11. Is it faster to
walk, fly, or be carried? 11. Think about
which has more obsticles. 12. What do you wear in winter to protect from the cold? 12. A coat 13. What is a fruit? 13. It is ripe for
the picking. 14. Where do
Bryophyes grow? 14. Bro Fights...
Knock you to the
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