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Sharing Ideas ...

No description

Angelica Romero

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Sharing Ideas ...

Sharing Ideas ...
Data Driven Decision Making

Student Accountability
SVE Data Room worksheet

SVE Wall Design

Provides visual of students in need of RTI
Snapshot of grade level by quintile
Comparative vision of performance that will identify where assistance is needed

SVE Wall Design

Collegial Accountability
Food for thought:

How do we move the needle?

Increase the quality and quantity of teacher initiated collegial accountability and collaboration.
Increase the level of student involvement
at all grade levels in monitoring of goals.

Share how we use 4 concepts at Sun Valley and Medio Creek to frame our work around student achievement -
a work in progress

1. We are at different points in our
development in each one of these categories. And- each team can function in different realms as well.
2. So far, I have directed the model. I want
to facilitate more and direct less so that
the teachers own the process and genuinely
talk about their teaching.
3. We started with three circles and through our
conversation added the critical fourth circle of
student ownership.
Instead of a "parking lot", go to ...
: New 3rd and 4th grade science teachers say that they need learn more so that they can adequately prepare students for 5th grade Science STAAR
: Every 2 weeks a 5th grade
teacher pre-teaches science content to
her colleagues from 7:30 to 8:00 am
Our Epiphanies ...
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