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Rich Health - WIP

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on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Rich Health - WIP

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."-
Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta
Rich Health
The Wellness Incentive Program was undertaken in order to support employees and retirees in taking control of their health by encouraging healthier lifestyles and to address the rising insurance premiums for employees, retirees and the County.
Healthy employees are more productive and cost taxpayers less for benefits such as:

Health Insurance

Worker's Compensation

Sick Leave

Therefore, the entire Richland County community benefits by better customer service and lower cost to deliver services.
Significance of this Project for the Community
During the first year of Richland County's Wellness Incentive Program we achieved a 96% participation rate among employees and greater than 90% participation among early retirees.

Nationally, a 75% participation rate is considered excellent for an established wellness incentive program.
Richland County
Golden Apple Award
He has credited the Wellness Incentive Program for his amazing weight loss.
Thomas DeLage Jr.
1st Winner of Golden Apple Award
Legal compliance.

Designing a WIP with no funding.

Changing employee & retiree culture from a history of no employee premium contribution for employee-only health insurance to a $50 per month contribution.

Educating over 2,000 employees and retirees on the reasons behind the WIP with a very tight time frame from approval to implementation.
"He who has health, has hope.
And he who has hope, has everything."
- Proverb
Richland County South Carolina - Wellness Incentive Program
"Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance"

Why Wellness?
We identified (based on analysis of Richland County medical claims), our main cost drivers were health care conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking related illnesses, and obesity. These are some of the common health issues affecting the entire nation.

The Center for Disease Control notes that lifestyle is the leading determinant of health status (50% of risk factors can be controlled with lifestyle).
Project Efforts
Creating buy-in from County Council, County Administrator's Office, Legal Department, & Finance Department on the front end.

Designing the program around the most common risk factors and tested methods for improving employee health.

Developing RFP to requiring wellness responses as part of the Health Insurance RFP.

Maintaining a collaborative effort and program continuity between HRD and health insurance vendors over the years.

Designing a comprehensive 5 year Wellness Strategic Plan that outlines the plans for the WIP.
Knowing the County's employee/retiree culture and promoting buy in to a new program.

Designing the group health RFP to attract vendors with intent and willingness to support our wellness efforts.

Analyzing health care quarterly and annual reports from insurance vendors over the past 10 years.

Restructuring contributions to the health insurance plan in order to be able to devise a meaningful WIP without any funding.

HRD conducted small group meetings where we went "door to door" to speak to each department regarding the Wellness Incentive Program (led the ultimate push to outstanding participation rates).
Also, based on the careful specific structural design of our health insurance Request For Proposal, the heath insurance vendor realized the successful value of the County's Rich Health Wellness Program and offered to support the County's efforts by fully funding an on-site RN and up to $75,000 annually for wellness related projects.
Wellness Incentive Program
The WIP consists of 5 easy and meaningful steps:

Provide Biometric results

Complete Online Health Risk Assessment

Join a Disease Management Program (asthma, heart disease, COPD or diabetes)

Join a tobacco cessation program (if a tobacco user)

Join a weight management program (if BMI is over 30)

Employee receives $50 monthly incentive credit toward the cost of their health insurance premium.
Two HRD employees are:
Lost 58 lbs.
Margaret tried several weight loss systems that were unsuccessful. Based on our Wellness Incentive Program, she decided to make a healthy lifestyle change and make better decisions on what she ate. 49 Pounds Later...
Margaret Cannon
Richland County
Wellness Incentive Program
Richland County developed
a Wellness Incentive Program
with over $1 million worth of
financial incentives with zero
increase to the County's budget.
Richland County began our focus on wellness in 2002.

We maintained that focus and broadened our program offerings until 2011.

In October 2011, we implemented WIP.

Based on national WIP results, we expect our WIP to play a significant role in maintaining lower premium increases.
Miss SC supported our program by appearing at one of our Lunch and Learns this year and promoting her platform of healthy eating and exercise and her tremendous 100 pound weight loss success.
Miss South Carolina
Bree Boyce
Councilman Manning
Recognition & Support
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