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BSA Annual Conference PGF Presentation

Presentation given to the postgraduate forum at the BSA annual conference, 5th April 2011 at LSE.

Phil Jones

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of BSA Annual Conference PGF Presentation

BSA Annual Conference Postgraduate Forum
5 April 2011 Negotiating Careers Outside Academia Undergraduate Degree Sociology
University of York Aviva (Norwich Union)
Data Analyst MA Social Research
University of York Senior Research and Intelligence Officer
Lancashire County Council JSNA Manager
Lancashire County Council Career History Using Social Theory Social Capital
Social Care Using Research Methods Postal Questionnaires
Online Surveys
Focus groups Hints and Tips Befriend 'evidence based policy making' Trend towards what can be easily measured, not what is best to measure Learn to love (or at least not hate) numbers Write reports with unambiguous recommendations It will give you extra flexibility Relinquish some creative control Use 'conservative' methods: Focus groups fashionable
Conversation analysis less so
Quantitative preferred Methodology often prescribed Given research questions Get used to dressing smartly (no jeans!) Except on dress-down Fridays But... Enormous job satisfaction
Intellectually challenging Reports used to inform: Council communications strategy
Social capital policy
Budget decision making
Social and health services commissioning Get used to working on short-term projects Typically a month to two months per project
Little time for background reading
Quick turnaround (like, yesterday!) So also enormously rewarding!
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