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How to Make a CO2 Car

A presentation made to teach an audience on how to build and shape a Co2 car.

Justin George

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a CO2 Car

Requirements Create a Design Cutting & Painting Goal Start Get your triangular block of wood from your teacher that they have given to you. Things you might want to keep in mind are:

Being Aerodynamic: How air passes over

Weight: The lighter the car the faster the movement

Symmetrical: Keep the car symmetrical so it goes straight

Thickness: Do not make it too thin because it creates weak spots and it can break Cutting & Painting The Wood When the CO2 is complete, you will race it
and see who exactly has the best car.
Good Luck, and Godspeed. How to Make a CO2 Car What is Required The Design After you have drawn your design, you need to cut where you have marked.
To do this you must go to the band saw and cut out your design.
Where ever you have long cuts in your vehicle, you must make "relief cuts" to prevent from breaking the band.
The "relief cuts" are perpendicular to the original cut and there are very many "relief cuts" that go along an original cut.
Keep your fingers two inches away from the blade.
As you cut, push the wood through slowly so you do not break the blade.
After cutting, you must sand and/or file your wood until it becomes nice and soft. There should not be any rough spots because it effects its aerodynamics and when you paint it.
After that, you can now paint your vehicle however you like. If you want designs, use the painters tape to do so. 1. Create points at each end of the car three centimeters to the inside and one centimeter from the bottom

2. Drill a hole with the drill press at each point

3. Draw a X on the back of the car with lines going to their diagonals

4. Use the proper drill size and drill a hole two inches deep Wheels and Axles From the beginning where you have drilled your axle holes, you must place your wheels there.
To do so you must place the axle inside the hole place a washer on each side and put the smaller wheels on the front axle and the larger wheels on the back axle.
Also, when you race, you must put the hooks around each axle and drill those into the wood.
After that, you are ready to race.
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