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Cardiac Sarcoidosis

By: CeeCee Chang Harika Nalluri


on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cardiac Sarcoidosis

A Study on the Possible Correlations between Patients with Cardiac Sarcoidosis Harika Nalluri Dr. John Beshai Sarcoid facts Materials & Methods 46 patients pulmonary functions hematologic functions electrocardiographic ultrasound functions two-sample t-test > 0.05 is insignificant <0.05 is significant Results 4/19 proved to be significant Conclusion Septal A’: left ventricle [dilated] FVC: diastolic dysfunction [byproduct of CS] Discussion Acknowledgements Test more parameters by Cecilia Chang multi-organ disease
pulmonary & skin
any location in heart
accountable for 65% of deaths
The cause is unspecified
Immune response; cytokines
10.9 per 100,000 in Caucasians
35.5 per 100,000 in African Americans
{ } Corticosteroids! (kor-teh-kah-steer-oyds) Septal A’; p=0.0158 FVC; p=0.0099 Amax; p=0.0287 QTc interval; p=0.0092 Amax: diastolic function QTc interval: prolonged in patients with CS Verify results with new data Verify scientific support Be aware of risks
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