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Hairstyles through the decades 20s to 80s

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Kayla Blanco

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Hairstyles through the decades 20s to 80s

Hairstyles Through The Decades 1900s 1920's 1930's 1940's 1960's 1970's 1950's 1980's In the 20's women cut their hair short.
The usual hairstyle consisted of pin curling the back and finger waving the front. Femininity came back into play.
Longer hair was worn, usually waved or curled.
Hair dye and bleach first produced.
Clairol created the first dye to actually penetrate the hair shaft,
by the end of the decade 70% of women were dying their hair since women were working because of WWII, hair was often just covered with rollers under the head scarf. (think Rosie the riveter)
Famous ladies influenced the glamourous hairstyles, donning long, soft curls. Hair was shorter, but well-styled.
Women usually slept in rollers and visited the hairdresser a lot aside from hippies, hair was usually styled pretty well.
Bouffant beehives, and short pixie crops were in style.
Vidal Sassoon introduced the 5 point asymmetrical haircut Straight hair was in fashion
longer and less structured.
Since straighteners weren't invented yet, women would iron their hair with clothes irons.
less product was used BIG hair was all the rage. It symbolized "having it all.
Usually big and backcombed, or cropped short and styled
Punk styles grew more popular
crimping also came into style.
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